Portable TIG Welders manage metal up to 3/8 in. thick.

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Weighing 52 and 47 lb, respectively, AC/DC TIG/Stick-capable Dynasty® 280 and DC TIG/Stick-capable Maxstar® 280 deliver up to 280 A of output power along with smooth, stable arc. Pulse feature minimizes heat input and optimizes arc directional control, while Auto-Line™ technology allows machines to be hooked up to any input voltage within specified range. By providing pre-set welding parameters, Pro-Set™ technology eliminates guesswork.

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Dynasty® 280 and Maxstar® 280 TIG Welders Deliver More Power in Capable and Portable, Light-Weight Packages

New Miller offerings provide an operator-friendly interface for intuitive operation and advanced features on DX models for expert users

APPLETON, Wis. — Compared to similarly sized machines, the all new Dynasty® 280 and Maxstar® 280 TIG welders, introduced by Miller Electric Mfg. Co., deliver more power and provide the ability to weld metal up to 3/8-inch thick — yet are significantly lighter, more portable and use less energy than machines of similar output capabilities. The AC/DC TIG/Stick-capable Dynasty 280 is intended for industrial manufacturing applications and heavy fabrication, while the DC TIG/Stick-capable Maxstar 280 is intended for industrial applications, construction and heavy fabrication.

“The introduction of the Dynasty 280 and Maxstar 280 represents a significant benefit to end users and rounds out our well-established TIG product lineup,” said Andrew Pfaller, TIG product manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co. “Operators now have more power and portability than ever before in machines that feature multiple options for comfortable transport around the jobsite and weigh 300 pounds less than our popular Syncrowave 250.”

Weighing in at just 52 and 47 pounds, the Dynasty 280 and Maxstar 280 deliver up to 280 amps of output power along with a smooth, stable arc to handle any job from small to large. Advanced technologies are incorporated to improve weld results, such as a pulse feature, which can reduce heat input, increase travel speeds and improve arc directional control. Auto-Line™ technology provides added convenience in any job setting by allowing the machine to be hooked up to any input voltage within the specified range. 

Both base models provide an operator-friendly interface for intuitive operation, while DX models include quick access to advanced features for expert users. The Maxstar 280 DX model addresses demands for precision fabrication, adding extended ranges for maximum DC capability. The Dynasty 280 DX model also includes additional adjustments for AC balance, waveforms and frequency for precise arc tailoring on aluminum welds.

On all models, exclusive Pro-Set™ technology eliminates guesswork by providing pre-set welding parameters. In addition, welding operators will experience ease-of-use through the control panel’s LED illuminated standby/power switch  which clearly indicates whether the machine is unplugged or turned off at its main switch, turned on but in standby mode, or energized and ready to weld.

“Designed by Miller, the operator-friendly interface and pre-set weld parameters provided by Pro-Set, make the machine faster to set up and easier to use. By reducing the guesswork with a machine built for speed, convenience and results, the operators can focus more on welding,” said Pfaller.

Designed for upgrade flexibility, a memory card port is included on all models, allowing additional software to be downloaded and product features to be purchased from MillerWelds.com/tigsoftware. The memory card port allows for quick upgrades when software is released and helps owners maximize their budgets, purchasing only the features they need.

The Dynasty 280 and Maxstar 280 — both designed for air-cooled and water-cooled TIG torches — can be coupled with a torch specifically designed and rated for the output of the machine.  With a new Weldcraft® W-280 (WP-280) water-cooled torch and the Coolmate™ 1.3 coolant reservoir options, a welding operator can purchase a complete water-cooled system solution.  The advanced W-280 torch uses Super Cool™ technology for increased cooling efficiency, while the Coolmate reservoir uses an efficient fin-and-tube heat exchanger to provide a maximum cooling capacity of 13,000 Btu/hr.

For more information visit MillerWelds.com.

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