Portable Shredder/Compactor reduces waste disposal trips.

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Suited for construction and demolition sites, EM-PSC Auger shreds and compacts everything from pallets to white goods to dry wall to cement blocks. Electro-mechanical unit, equipped with 100 kW generator, is mounted on roll-off machine bed. Its 7.4 yd³ hopper accepts most kinds of construction debris, and 40 hp electric motor drives auger screw that shreds/compacts with 178,000 lb-ft of force. Unit fills 40 and 50 yd³ roll-off containers with typ loads of 8-14 tons.

Original Press Release:

New Portable Shredder/Compactor Cuts Job Site Waste Disposal Costs

Construction and demolition sites typically require heavy truck traffic to collect waste materials and transport them to disposal facilities. Averaging 3 to 4 tons per load in open top containers, the hauling costs can be a considerable burden to site contractors.

Komar Industries has introduced a transportable shredder/compactor that can triple the payload of each truck, cutting the number of disposal trips by as much as two-thirds.

The EM-PSC Auger shreds and compacts everything from pallets to white goods to dry wall to cement block. The electro-mechanical unit is equipped with a 100 kilowatt generator and is mounted on a roll-off machine bed for delivery directly to the job site. Its 7.4 cu. yd. hopper accepts almost any kind of construction debris. A 40 HP electric motor drives an auger screw that shreds and compacts with 178,000 ft. lbs. of force, filling standard 40 and 50 cu. yd. roll-off containers with typical loads of 8 to 14 tons of easily unloadable waste material.

The EM-PSC is ruggedly built with heavy duty components, and is designed to reduce noise, dust and fire hazards, and totally eliminate the danger of flying projectiles. The environmentally friendly slow speed high torque electro-mechanical drive eliminates hydraulic leaks often associated with conventional shredding and compacting equipment.

In addition to construction sites in populated areas, the unit is well suited to landfills, industrial clean-up projects, and various quick response applications.

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