Portable Rebar Tool combines bending and cutting functions.

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Model VB16Y cuts and bends concrete reinforcing rod during construction of foundations and structures. It bends up to No. 5 Grade 60 rebar at max angle of 180 deg. Tool works with 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 in. dia rebar. Operator has complete control over velocity and angle at which rebar is bent. Reference markings on bending plate provide for easy position adjustment, and dial lets operator make cuts at variety of angles.

Original Press Release:

Hitachi Introduces The First Portable Rebar Cutter And Bender In The Industry, The VB16Y

NORCROSS, GA - Once again, Hitachi Power Tools proves itself to be a leader in the power tool industry with the introduction of yet another tool a cut above the rest - its revolutionary VB16Y. This new rebar cutter/bender provides jobsite cutting and bending of rebar in one portable and completely unique tool.

Yes! - It can do both!

A once very labor-intensive and time-consuming chore has been amazingly simplified by Hitachi's VB16Y. Unlike other machines on the market that can just bend or cut, but not do both, the new VB16Y can both bend and cut rebar with ease. Precision angle bends are preset and completed in just seconds. Utilizing an impressive 530 watts of power, the VB16Y's built-in microprocessor uniformly bends up to No.5 Grade 60 rebar at a maximum angle of 180 degrees.

You're in control

And although the tool does all the work, the operator has complete control over the velocity and angle at which the rebar is bent. A variable speed trigger with safety lock provides the operator with "manual-like" precision and control over the bending speed. Reference markings on the bending plate provide for easy position adjustment. And with the turn of a pre-set dial, you can make cuts at a numerous variety of angles with no problem at all.

Lightweight, yet solid as a rock

Because the VB16Y combines bending and cutting functions into one machine, now the operator only has to transport half the weight and tools he normally needed to get the job done. The VB16Y weighs 42 lbs, meaning it can be easily transported to the jobsite or bolted to a fixed base. Furthermore, the VB16Y's extremely low profile design, combined with two reaction receivers at the front and the rear, balance and stabilize the tool.

Hitachi's VB16Y offers jobsite simplicity, precision, and portability promising to dramatically reduce the cost of on-site rebar installation.

Hitachi VB16Y, Portable Rebar Cutter/Bender, Technical Specifications

Capacity: 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" diameter
Power Input: 530W
Cutting Time: 3.1 seconds
Bending Time: 5.1 seconds
Weight: 42 lbs.
Dimensions: 18.4"L x 8.5" H x 9.1"W
Standard accessories: 1 wrench, 1 cutter
Applications: Cutting and bending of rebar (concrete reinforcing rod) during construction of foundations and external structures. Cutting and bending of rebar for fitting building parts during construction of reinforced concrete buildings.

Customer Contact: (800) 546-1666 Website: www.hitachi.com/powertools

Public Relations Coordinator 1.800.829.4752 x208 cifreod@hitachi-powertools.coni

Hitachi Power Tools Company Profile The Strength of Hitachi For over fifty years Hitachi Power Tools has offered an extensive line of professional grade tools and accessories for woodworking, metalworking, concrete drilling and cutting, as well as, a complete line of pneumatic nailers, staplers, compressors and collated fasteners. Hitachi Koki generates sales of close to $1.2 billion annually, making it one of the world's largest power tool manufacturers. Hitachi Koki has established sales and service bases for its power tools in regions throughout the world. The company operates three production plants in Japan and six overseas. These facilities produce over 1,000 types of high-quality power tools, including numerous power tools for specialized tasks that are indispensable for allowing professionals to perform their jobs at the highest levels. From our US division headquarters in Norcross, Georgia, and satellite offices in Chatsworth, California and Toronto, Ontario, Hitachi Power Tools proudly supports nearly 3700 retail locations and 1000 local authorized service centers. Our products, nearly all of which wear the Hitachi Koki corporate green, are known by users throughout the world as user-friendly products characterized by high performance and extreme durability, as our many industry awards can attest to. Tools that are built to outlast the competition Hitachi Koki Power Tools is a company who sets aside almost 10% of annual sales for research and development. To continue creating power tools for specialized tasks, the Design and Development divisions are using analysis lead design (ALD), while drawing on an abundance of accumulated knowledge and unsurpassed technological capabilities, as they pursue the development of even higher-value-added power tools that integrate new leading- edge technologies and feature outstanding design. This state of the art process results in tools that surpass anything in the industry in quality and are delivered to the customer in the most efficient method possible. This commitment to superior design and manufacturing is visible in all of the Hitachi products ranging from medical and electronic equipment to high-speed rail systems. The technology created for these different products can be used to further the development of others. For example, winding and balancing machines designed for the armatures of medical centrifuges are also used to build the armatures for our power tools. All this translates into technologically tough tools with the most superior quality and superior performance in the power tool industry. Our customers are our number one priority Because our customers are our number one priority, we regularly query our customers and field sales representatives for new trends and comments on the quality, safety, and cost performance of products now on the market. We use this information to develop tools that will meet and surpass their demands, and our Analysis Lead Design production system ensures that the customer receives the tool that they want when they want it. Service never ends at Hitachi. All of our tools are backed by a one year guarantee; and with over 1,000 service locations in the US, customers are never far away from assistance. With this commitment to innovation, quality, and service; Hitachi Power Tools intends to continue to inspire the next generation of power tools.

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