Portable Pyrometer is suitable for hostile environments.

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Pyro Digital 500, for surface and immersion temperature measurements, has ±1% meter accuracy. Its case, constructed of Lexan Plastic, is resistant to shock, oil, and factory chemicals. Four digit LED display reads temperatures in degrees F or C. Display temperatures are 0-2500°F and 0-1400°C. Its 5/8 in. dia. extension arm is 12 in. long and connects to front Pyrometer nosepiece. Adjustable angle on thermocouple end enables 90° adjustments.

Original Press Release:

Pyro Quality Control Portable Test Pyrometer

Ideal Solution for Hostile Environments on the Plant Floor

Pyrometer Instrument Co Inc., Northvale, NJ - The Pyro Digital 500 Pyrometer specifically designed for taking portable temperature measurements by the production operator on the plant floor. Pyrometer offers a choice several extension arms and seventeen (17) different types of industrial thermocouples for most surface and immersion temperature measurements.

The Pyrometer case is constructed out of robust Lexan Plastic that has high shock and oil resistance to a wide variety of factory chemicals. The multi-function case features an easy to read four digit LED display that can switch to read temperatures in degrees F or C. Display temperatures are 0-2500°F and 0-1400°C. There is a peak/hold or track switch located in the gun style grip. In addition the case has an LED low battery indicator and the battery charger jack. Simply squeezing the pistol grip on and off switch activates the pyrometer.

The extension arm easily connects to the front Pyrometer nosepiece. The 5/8" dia. rigid extension arm is 12" long has an adjustable angle on the thermocouple end that enables 90-degree adjustments for various angle temperature measurements. Temperature applications in hard to reach areas can be easily measured with the flexible extension arm. This flexible extension arm has a 5/8" dia. rigid 12" long adjustable arm with a cushioned handle. This handle is connected to the pyrometer via a 3/8" dia. flexible stainless steel armor extension cable that is 20" long. Which makes difficult temperature measurements now easy and safe for the operator.

There is a choice with seventeen (17) styles of interchangeable thermocouple designs available to fit a wide variety of applications. Typical useful portable pyrometer quality control applications temperature measurements are molds, dies, billets, presses, platens, ovens, semi-fluids, hot oil baths, bars, calendar rolls, steam traps and convex pipe applications,

This Pyrometer includes a rigid carrying case, internal Ni-Cad battery and battery charger. The standard +/- 1% Meter accuracy is Traceable to NIST Standards.

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