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Portable pH Control System can eliminate hazardous acids.

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Sep 20, 2011 - Able to treat up to 2,700 gph of process water, Model 5000SP uses safe CO2 gas to lower pH and can be equipped with peristaltic chemical feed pump to inject alkaline solutions to raise pH. Design uses owner-furnished tanks, basins, lagoons, or sumps and does not require mixer in treatment tank. Depending on water quality required prior to discharge, onboard cartridge filter may be used with or without 3 micron filter cartridge. This 39 x 24 x 39 in. system suits mobile/fixed operations.

Original Press Release

Eliminate Hazardous Acids with New Self-Contained Portable pH Control System

Press release date: Sep 16, 2011

WENDELL, N.C. -- Fortrans introduces the Model 5000SP, a small, portable pH control system that uses low-cost and safe carbon dioxide gas to lower pH. The use and high cost of hazardous acids can be easily eliminated.

The 5000SP can be equipped with a peristaltic chemical feed pump to inject alkaline solutions to raise pH, or both the feed pump and the CO2 injector-diffuser may be installed to maintain any pH level required.

The Model 5000SP is a small portable unit but has the capacity to treat up to 2700 gallons per hour of process water.

The system features the same Fortrans inline CO2 injector-diffuser found on larger pH control systems. The C02 injector-diffuser is a highly efficient non-fouling design and converts over 90% of C02 gas into carbonic acid.

The 5000SP can be manufactured with an integral acid-resistant 2-speed pump and motor or be driven with a chemical-resistant stainless steel continuous-duty submersible pump that can handle up to 2" solids.

The system is designed for mobile or fixed operations. The system footprint is 39" length, 24" wide and 39" high.

The innovative design uses owner-furnished tanks, basins, lagoons or sumps and does not require a mixer in the treatment tank. An onboard cartridge filter is standard and may be used with or without the 3 micron filter cartridge depending on water quality required prior to discharge. The 5000SP may be trailer or truck mounted.

The Model 5000SP is useful in many applications where hazardous acids are now used.

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Contact: Robert C. Cooke or Laurin Ritchie 866-958-7267 Fortrans Inc. 7400B Siemens Road Wendell, NC 27591