Portable Micro-Spectrometer meets LED lighting industry needs.

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With handheld form factor, battery-operated XT1600 performs essential lighting measurements – lux, lumens, CRI, CCT, CRI/CQS, PPF and color – in field, production, and development processes. Flexible unit delivers laboratory-grade photometric measurement accuracy (±0.0004 xy coordinates for CIE-1931, 5-500 lux), resolution (4.2–5 nm) and repeatability (±0.04% + 1 digit). Color touchscreen as well as exportable, pre-configured reports and editable Excel spreadsheets are standard.

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XiTRON's Portable Micro-Spectrometer Offers Lab Instrument Performance in LED Lighting Applications

Flexible micro-spectrometer addresses LED illumination needs: lighting design, fixture verification, LED binning, lamp/LED spot testing, LED driver testing; portable, user-friendly lighting-measurement tool is well-suited for engineering lab and field use

SAN DIEGO -- XiTRON Technologies, producer of precision test and measurement equipment for industrial and consumer product development, quality control and manufacturing, introduces the XT1600 micro-spectrometer designed to meet the needs of the LED lighting industry. The flexible unit performs essential lighting measurements (lux, lumens, CRI, CCT, CRI/CQS, PPF and color) in the field, in production and in the development process. It exceeds the performance of competing portable devices by providing laboratory-grade photometric measurement accuracy (±0.0004 xy coordinates for CIE-1931, 5-500 lux), resolution (4.2-5 nm) and repeatability (±0.04% + 1 digit) – and yet is priced to cost thousands of dollars less.

"The XiTRON XT1600 is unlike other portable micro-spectrometers on the market that require a PC to collect data and view results," said Alan Armstrong, XiTRON Technologies' Director of Operations.  "Our hand-held, battery-operated unit not only provides users with a portable piece of test equipment that gives instant feedback and results, it also offers full reporting capability with a built-in color touch-screen display, plus a full set of exportable pre-configured reports and editable Excel spreadsheets."

The flexibility and portability of the XT1600 micro-spectrometer makes it well-suited to a range of applications, including spectrum testing and analysis, light measurement (lux, lumens), LED binning, ISO/CIE standards compliance: color rendering index (CRI), correlated color temperature (CCT), color quality scale (CQS), CRI/CQS, photosynthetic photon flux density (PPF) and color.


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About XiTRON Technologies

XiTRON Technologies, founded in 1990, is a premier source of precision power testing and measurement equipment for industrial manufacturing and consumer electronics. Using the latest digital signal processing techniques, XiTRON's sophisticated technology gives companies the edge in design verification and product manufacturability. XiTRON is ISO-9001:2008 certified.  Products are also typically CE marked for sale to the European Union (EU).

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