Portable Laser Scanner captures complex 3D geometry.

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ModelMaker Z is comprised of portable CMM to which 3D laser sensor is attached, PC, and software that extracts, displays, manipulates, and exports data. Up to 3 sensors capture 23,000 points/sec and offer strip widths of 35, 70, and 140 mm. Adaptive Laser Power changes laser intensity based on real-time feedback of color and reflectivity of part. ModelMaker Z can be battery powered for up to 2 hr and can be controlled by laptop for portability.

Original Press Release:

New NVision Laser Scanner Gives Improved Portability and Accuracy

(Southlake, TX; October 29, 2004) -- NVision is introducing the ModelMaker Z series laser scanner offering better portability and accuracy for the ultimate in inspection and reverse engineering performance. A new camera design in this, the 6th generation ModelMaker, provides higher accuracy by resolving details half the size of those that could be captured by the previous model. The ModelMaker Z series continues to incorporate the strengths of its predecessors, which are now used by over 90% of the world's automobile manufacturers, as well as many aerospace, injection molding, product design, and other companies. The new model can also be powered by a battery for up to 2 hours of remote operation and can also be controlled by a laptop computer for a fully portable system

New features of the new laser scanner improve performance on difficult-to-scan parts, such as those with shiny or dark surfaces and reduce operator set-up time:

o Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP) enables the sensor to finely tune its sensitivity on-the-fly, based on real-time feedback providing a noticeable reduction in erroneous data.

o Adaptive Laser Power (ALP) automatically changes laser intensity based on real-time feedback of the color and reflectivity of the part, improving scanner performance.

The ModelMaker is a portable laser scanner that is capable of capturing complex 3D geometry with a high degree of accuracy. The three sensors that make up the ModelMaker Z range capture over 23,000 points per second and the available stripe widths of 35mm, 70 mm and 140 mm ensure that there is a sensor for every application. Systems can be supplied with one, two or three sensors. The side-mounted design provides makes the scanner unobtrusive and allows easy control and ergonomic handling. ModelMaker software allows data capture with the laser or hard probe without the need to remove the sensor.

The ModelMaker System comprises a portable CMM, to which a 3D laser sensor is attached, a PC and dedicated ModelMaker Software that extracts, displays, manipulates and exports the data. The ModelMaker Z is fully compatible with all industry standard portable CMM's. Once attached to the portable CMM, the scanner can be moved about the object, enabling the user to rapidly capture data. To record the shape of a car body or other vehicle component, a technician simply holds the laser sensor so that a line of laser light appears on the surface to be acquired. As the technician moves the sensor over that surface, a dedicated interface card translates the video image of the line into 3D coordinates. Real time rendering of the data gives the user immediate feedback. Intuitive software allows full model editing, polygon reduction, and data output to all standard 3D CAD and inspection packages. The ModelMaker is capable of handling an unlimited range of applications from small consumer goods to full size cars.

NVision, Inc. is the worldwide sales leader in the provision of 3D non-contact reverse engineering and inspection technology. Its reputation has been built on 14 years of experience in delivering unique three-dimensional scanners, software and consulting and bureau services. NVision's proprietary and patented tools have earned praise from clients such as Boeing, DaimlerChrysler, Disney, Ford, Harley Davidson, General Motors, John Deere, Johnson Controls, Lear, NASA, Porsche, Volkswagen, Peterbilt, Kenworth and Freightliner Trucks and the United States Army Corp of Engineers.

For more information, contact NVision, Inc., 112 Welford Lane, Suite 126, Southlake, TX 76092. Tel: 817.749.0050, Fax: 817.749.0053, e-mail: sales@nvision3d.com. Visit NVision's Web site at www.nvision3d.com

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