Portable Color Scanner features credit card-sized design.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring 2 x 3.1 x .12 in., SlimScan captures full-color digital images of easily misplaced items, such as receipts, business cards, handwritten notes, and stubs. Stainless steel unit provides 300 dpi/24-bit resolution, stores up to 600 images, and connects directly to Windows PCs through USB. With Receipt Management System software, users can scan, edit, and organize receipts; import them to computer for viewing; transfer them into expense database; and create Excel reports.

Original Press Release:

PlanOn Introduces Slimscan - World's First Credit Card-Sized Receipt Scanner

Fits in Your Wallet - Powerful High-Res Tiny Color Scanner Scans Everywhere You Go -
on the Plane, Train, Office, or While Waiting

Never Lose a Receipt Again! Advanced Technology Scans Digital Images of Small,
Easily Misplaced Items: Receipts, Warrantees, Business Cards, Shopping Tags, Cards, Tickets, Stubs & Handwritten Notes

MISSISSAUGA, ON, - PlanOn System Solutions Inc. www.planon.com, the world leader in scanning and printing solutions for the mobile professional, introduced today SlimScan, the world's first credit card-sized portable full color scanner that lets you scan and organize receipts and business cards on the road. A full-featured, powerful, tiny high resolution color scanner so small (dimensions: 2" x 3.1" x .12") and light that it easily fits into your wallet or credit card holder -- SlimScan goes everywhere you go for scanning as fast and easy as pulling out your wallet. With its convenient size and advanced scanning technology, SlimScan is perfect for capturing crisp clear full-color digital images of small, easily misplaced items, like receipts, business cards, handwritten notes, as well as photos, articles and other printed materials, anywhere, any time.

Features Preview Screen - Connects to Windows through USB

Crafted in classy, durable stainless steel, SlimScan features a convenient preview screen that lets you instantly view, zoom-in and pan scanned images on the fly. Its elegant compact design sets a new standard for professional-class portable scanners with unprecedented convenience and powerful scanning functionality. The only portable scanner that puts instant, one-touch scanning in the palm of your hand, SlimScan connects directly to Windows PCs through USB to quickly upload and edit scanned items.

Get Reimbursed Faster for Business Expenses - Track Expenditures

Busy business pros (especially those who travel) deal with a blizzard of receipts. With SlimScan, organizing them is a snap. Whenever you take out your wallet to pay, just take out your SlimScan and scan the receipt at the same time, or scan while you're waiting on the plane, train, or in the hotel. Creating digital images ensures that you will never lose an expense receipt on the road again. You can create folders to organize receipts by business trip, client, travel date, location, week, or month, and create reports to expedite expense reimbursements. SlimScan also helps business professionals, small business owners, and homeowners track expenditures by purchase type, expense category, month, or year to see where the money goes. SlimScan is also ideal for creating and managing digital copies of receipts and purchase records for returns, warrantees and insurance purposes. It makes it easy to return purchases without the hassle of searching for lost receipts. And unlike paper originals that can be easily lost, SlimScan's copies can be digitally stored for re-printing whenever you need them.

Receipt Management System (RMS) Software Included - Import Business Cards into Outlook, Word, Excel, & Databases

With PlanOn's included powerful, yet straightforward Receipt Management System (RMS) software, you can easily scan, edit and organize receipts, import them to a computer for viewing, transfer them into an expense database, and create Excel reports which can be easily emailed. RMS' business card capture module also lets you easily organize scanned business card contacts by meeting, trade show, conference, or business event. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software can convert scanned images into editable form so you can import the contact information into Outlook, Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheets to facilitate your follow up.

SlimScan Features:

o Receipts: Organizes receipts and business expenses. Creates digital copies of receipts for returns, which you can re-print whenever you need them.

o Business Cards: Captures important contact information from business cards, even handwritten notes.

o Imports: Imports data to Outlook, Word, Excel and compatible databases.

o RMS Software: Includes Receipt Management System (RMS) Software that easily scans, edits, organizes, and imports.

o Warrantee & Insurance Information: Keeps warrantee and insurance info safe.

o Track Expenditures: Tracks expenditures however you want: by purchase type, expense category, month, or year.

o Bargain Hunting While Shopping: Scans the labels of items at the store so you can bargain hunt at other stores or online for the best deal -- or remember favorite products or gifts that you want to buy.

o Promotional Gifts: SlimScan can be given out as promotional gifts imprinted with a company logo.

o Dimensions: 2" x 3.1" x .12".

o Resolution: 300 dpi, 24 bit color.

o Memory: Stores 600 images.

"We know that almost everyone can benefit from capturing receipt, business card and other info - but then, why doesn't everyone do it?" said Doug Verkaik, CEO of Planon. "Our research indicates it was mainly a matter of convenience. So we set out to design a scanner everyone can easily carry - that fits in their wallet!"

SlimScan is also great for sales people as a promotional item. It can be imprinted with a company logo as a gift to show appreciation to clients. A company's corporate logo and message can be placed on the unit or on the LCD screen and marketing files can be stored in SlimScan's memory for customers or staff to view.

Availability & Pricing

The SlimScan scanner with special software bundle (SS100-RMS) is available immediately from PlanOn at planon.com/slimscan.php and leading retailers, priced at $139.99 MSRP. For more information, see www.planon.com.

About PlanOn System Solutions Inc.

PlanOn System Solutions Inc. has been providing scanning and portable computing solutions that enhance the mobile office for over a decade. PlanOn's talented R&D team has successfully brought the results of market research on unmet needs in the mobile computing market to innovative, visionary solutions. PlanOn is the developer of DocuPen, a full-page, portable, pen-sized, scanner which provides the ultimate in flexibility and versatility through its ergonomic and lightweight design, and the PrintStik, the world's smallest full page printer with a self-contained roll of paper, rechargeable battery and embedded Bluetooth technology. The company is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and located in Cheektowaga, NY. PlanOn can be reached at 888-507-3926 or through the website at www.planon.com.

SlimScan is also ideal for creating and managing digital copies of receipts and purchase records for returns, warrantees and insurance purposes. It makes it easy to scan receipts so you can return purchases without the hassle of searching for lost receipts. And unlike paper originals that can be easily lost, SlimScan's copies can be digitally stored for re-printing whenever you need them.

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