Portable CO Monitor helps prevent fatal exposure.

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Measuring 2.66 x 1.40 x 0.61 in., Pocket CO Model 300 carbon monoxide detector, alarm, and dosimeter weighs less than 1 oz and has 0-500 ppm range. It warns of dangerous low and high CO levels, with first alarm at 50 ppm, second at 125 ppm, and third at 400 ppm. There is also 8 hr TWA warning alarm at 25 ppm. With response time of less than 90 sec, monitor produces readings on digital LCD with 1 ppm resolution. It can also monitor cumulative CO exposure over 12 hr period if necessary.

Original Press Release:

In Wake of Tragedy, Officials Say Pocket CO Monitor Can Help Save Lives

KWJ Engineering introduces a new generation of its popular Pocket CO, the Model 300, a portable CO monitor to protect against the silent killer, Carbon Monoxide. This key fob sized carbon monoxide detector with digital readout weighs under one ounce, making it the most portable and affordable protection available from dangerous low and high levels of CO. "Pocket CO" is ideal for professionals and recreational users alike, including pilots, boaters, truckers, campers, building inspectors, firefighters, industrial hygienists, and first responders. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that sends tens of thousands to the emergency room and causes an untold number of fatalities each year.

Aspen, Colo. -- February 18, 2009 -- KWJ Engineering debuts the pocket CO, an effective, extremely portable carbon monoxide detector (www.detectcarbonmonoxide.com). Recent headlines show use of a personal CO monitor (www.detectcarbonmonoxide.com) can highlight danger and prevent tragedy.

A family of four that succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning in an Aspen-area home on the Thanksgiving holiday likely died within minutes of being exposed to the gas, based on preliminary findings. The level of carbon monoxide in the residence was estimated at 5,000 parts per million (ppm) at the time of the incident. The estimation was based on a test completed at the home, Pitkin County Sheriff Bob Braudis said. The test involved starting up the Munchkin boiler that powered the home's snowmelt system, letting it run throughout the night, and using a CO monitor to gauge levels of the toxic gas.

"The measurement was 20,000 ppm in the crawl space and 5,000 ppm in the bedroom where the family was found," Braudis said.

A disconnected exhaust pipe that stretched from the boiler to a chimney flute appears to be how the gas infiltrated the home. He also said investigators did not locate a carbon monoxide detector in the home where the bodies were discovered.

Because of this, builders soon may be required to equip all new Colorado homes with carbon monoxide detectors, under legislation introduced recently. The proposal is being fast-tracked in the wake of five highly publicized carbon monoxide deaths. The law would not apply to currently occupied apartments, or to motel rooms or rented commercial condos. Sponsors said they are trying to save lives, but that they fear trying to apply the bill to all dwellings could doom it.

The Solution is Pocket CO, the personal protector.

Recently the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department held a CO awareness meeting, and invited the Aspen Police Department among others. The AVFD has been testing the Pocket CO monitor, and so far likes it. The following is an excerpt of an email correspondence from Rick Balantine, Deputy Fire Chief/Medical Director of the AVFD to the APD:

"I wanted to say thanks to all from APD for attending the CO awareness class that AVFD put on last week. Hope there was some useful info gained. I have been testing this Pocket CO monitor from KWJ Engineering...and so far I think it would be a useful tool for all of your officers to have with them whenever they go to CO calls or any unknown illness call in residences for that matter. It is pretty simple to use and is inexpensive. It is also good because it monitors amount of cumulative CO exposure over a 12-hour period if necessary..."

The Pocket CO is the world's smallest renewable Carbon Monoxide detector. Designed by leading engineers in the air quality and gas detection industry, and built using cutting edge nanotechnology, Pocket CO is advanced enough for use by industry professionals but still incredibly simple to operate. Tiny enough to fit on a keychain, and weighing under 1 ounce, Pocket CO is an easy and affordable way to detect CO and use a CO monitor at home, away, or on the job.

KWJ Engineering has been an industry leading provider of cutting edge sensor and instrument solutions for gas detection needs since 1993. Founded by Ken Johnson, an industry pioneer for over 60 years, and headed by Dr. Joseph Stetter, a world recognized sensor expert, KWJ Engineering offers products that meet industrial and consumer applications. The Pocket CO Model 300 is the third generation of this popular carbon monoxide detector, and its high performance bridges the gap between industrial users and every-day consumers. Ordering information can be found at www.detectcarbonmonoxide.com.

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