Portable Chlorine Tester offers DPD tablet alternative.

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Utilizing single-use disposable electrochemical sensors and sample of water, Chlorosense simultaneously measures total and free chlorine levels in under one minute along with temperature of sample. Each box of electrodes is supplied with calibration chip that must be inserted into Chlorosense before use. Self-contained unit can store sensors for up to 30 tests and holds data from up to 500 individual results, ready to be downloaded via USB to PC.

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50 Years on - Palintest Crests a New Wave in Chlorine Testing

Palintest has now launched its completely new Chlorosense chlorine tester. Developed nearly 50 years ago by Dr. Thomas Palin, the DPD tablet method has been the industry standard chlorine test - mainly because no one had found a way to improve upon it. The arrival of Chlorosense heralds the long-awaited change and improvement to this well-established, but dated test.

There have been requests for many years from the water industry for a test that was simpler and less technique-dependant than DPD tablets, and Palintest has come back with an answer. The Chlorosense provides quick, simple, and accurate testing of a wide range of chlorine concentration levels.

The test is performed only with the portable Chlorosense unit, single-use disposable sensors, and a small sample of the water to be tested. The patented electrochemical sensor measures both the total and free chlorine levels simultaneously, and records the result (along with the temperature of the sample) in under a minute. No use of reagents or careful measuring is required, and the sensitivity and resolution of the test are equivalent to DPD testing at low concentrations. Linear measurement means that superior results are given in the 5-10mg/l range; no different or additional supplies are needed for testing this extended range.

The sensors are provided separately by Palintest; each box of electrodes being supplied with a calibration chip that must be inserted into the Chlorosense before use. The unit is self-contained, and can store sensors for up to 30 tests to make the procedure as easy as possible. The device can store data from up to 500 individual results, ready to be downloaded via USB to a PC for viewing with any spreadsheet program. It is also rated IP67 (waterproof for 30mins, 1m underwater), combining functionality with aesthetic and ergonomic design. With no reagents needed, the sample container only needs to be washed and refilled and the sensors replaced for a new test to be performed.

Chlorosense is designed to complement the existing range of DPD testing techniques, and will be of particular value to those needing highest levels of confidence in the accuracy and reliability of testing. It is simple to use, rugged, portable, quick and does not require extensive instruction to operate. The lack of reagents makes the whole process cleaner and more efficient than has been previously possible, and the digital readout and record mean that water tests for chlorine have never given clearer results.

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Palintest is a world-leading manufacturer of water testing and environmental products for water quality, drinking water, and swimming pool testing. The company leads the way in technology for the domestic, industrial and commercial water and soil management markets as well. We supply a wide range of photometer and comparator instruments, test kits and reagent systems for the detection of many elements.

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