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Poppet Valves have integrated DIN style solenoids.

Press Release Summary:

DIN style plug-in solenoid operators feature NEMA 4 electrical protection, dual function manual overrides, standard DIN 43650 Form A plug connections, and 232 psi pressure capability. Intrinsically safe version has Factory Mutual and CSA Approvals for hazardous location use, with 115 psi capability. Rated to 500 psi, main valve bodies are available in high ratio NC version from ¼-2 in., and standard ratio NC version from 1-2 in. NPT.

Original Press Release:

Poppet Valves with Integrated DIN Style Solenoids

Lexair proudly announces the addition of integral DIN style plug-in solenoid operators to a portion of our Poppet Valve lineup. These operators are a great addition to our valves. They are an excellent value versus buying direct pilot operated valves and a separate solenoid to operate them.

The standard solenoids feature: NEMA 4 electrical protection, dual function manual overrides, standard DIN 43650 "Form A" plug connections, UL Recognized/CSA Approved coils and 232 PSI (16 bar) pressure capability. The intrinsically safe version includes: both Factory Mutual (FM) and CSA Approvals for hazardous location use (see the product flyer for Class and Group info), DIN 43650 "Form A" connection which is supplied with the mating connector, same dual function manual override as the standard version and 115 PSI (8 bar) pressure capability. Keep in mind that the pressure ratings shown are for the solenoids only, the main valve bodies are rated to 500 PSI standard, for gases, liquids, etc and higher pressures are possible, consult the factory.

The current offering includes high ratio, normally closed valves from 1/4" NPT through 2" NPT and standard ratio normally closed valves from 1" NPT through 2" NPT. The integrated solenoids add only $45.00 to the list price of the valve chosen for standard versions and $75.00 for intrinsically safe units which makes either a great value. The addition of the intrinsically safe models will allow us to offer valves to customers in markets where we could not do so before with solenoid operated valves. Applications involving chemical processing, paint or solvent processing, petro-chemical processing, natural gas and oilfield installations as well as many other industries where standard solenoids and even explosion-proof solenoids could not be used are perfect examples of where these operators can be utilized.

As always, if you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

John W. Jennings
National Sales Director- Valves
Lexair, Inc.
Phone: Office:859-255-5001

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