Polyurethane Fill provides flat proofing.

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RePneu® flatproofing polyurethane fill provides heat resistance, medium tire deflection, improved tear strength and compression set, and softness of 28 durometer. It is suitable for heavy construction and earth moving equipment. Applications include construction, mining, material handling, ground support, roofing, and lawn and garden industries.

Original Press Release:

Arnco's All-Purpose RePneu® Flatproofing 'Keeps 'Em Rolling'

The RePneu® premium flatproofing polyurethane fill from Arnco has become the most popular all-purpose solution for operators of heavy construction and earth moving equipment who cannot afford costly downtime caused by flat tires.

Arnco's original flatproofing material is ideal for most moderate duty off-road tire applications - whether it's used to prevent flat tires deep under the earth in a Colorado mining operation or to keep tires running over six million bottles a day at a glass recycling facility in Ireland. Used predominately in the mining community, RePneu provides the best heat resistance of virtually any other fill material. It has a "softness" of 28 (durometer), offers medium tire deflection and improved tear strength and compression set. Its companion formula RePneu II® has a "softness" of 30 (durometer).

Arnco is the world's largest supplier of polyurethane flatproofing fill for tires used in construction, mining, ground support, material handling, roofing and lawn and garden industries. Arnco filled tires have become widely used in steel mills, scrap yards, land fills, coal mines, factories, construction sites, high lift equipment original equipment vehicles or wherever the operating environment is hazardous to conventional pneumatic tires.

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