Polymer Floor Overlay creates stained look on concrete.

Press Release Summary:

Formulated to cover unsightly flaws in concrete while becoming monolithic part of concrete, StainedGlaze(TM) is nearly odorless during application, contains no harmful VOCs, and exceeds sustainability Green requirements for LEED® certification. Wear surface, colors, designs, and patterns are renewable without removing entire overlay. Typical applications include dining areas and restrooms as well as commercial, retail, residential, educational, and light industrial locations.

Original Press Release:

Create the "Stained Look" on Concrete Floors

Discover the luxurious effect created by Crown StainedGlaze(TM), one of Crown Polymers' most recent breakthroughs in decorative polymer floor overlays. Crown StainedGlaze(TM) creates stunning results on floor environments where a fashion-forward "stained concrete" look is desirable.

Crown's StainedGlaze(TM) has been formulated specifically to covers unsightly flaws in the
concrete, become a monolithic part of the concrete, while producing unique unforgettable floor appearances. Crown's StainedGlaze(TM) is nearly odorless during the simple application, contains no harmful VOCs, and exceeds the sustainability and durability "Green" requirements for LEED® certification. Yet another benefit is the substantial reduction in floor maintenance, cleaning costs while reducing building energy consumption.

Importantly, the wear surface, colors, designs and patterns are renewable without removing the entire overlay. As a result, design possibilities are nearly limitless.

Crown StainedGlaze(TM) is ideal for heavy pedestrian environments including restaurant dining areas, restrooms, commercial, retail, residential, educational and light industrial locations. Crown StainedGlaze(TM) - a premium floor at an affordable price.

Visit Crown Polymers' at the World of Concrete: Booth #S10907 and see a live demo of Crown StainedGlaze being applied


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