POL Converters are suited for densely populated boards.

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Occupying board area of 2.14 in.², open-frame PTHxx040W series features output voltage adjustment and Auto-Track(TM) power sequencing. Model PTH12040W has output current rating of 50 A and 8-14 V input voltage range, while PTH04040W has 60 A rating and input range of 2.95-5.5 V. Series is Point-of-Load Alliance (POLA)-compliant and employs switching frequency of 1.05 MHz to achieve full load conversion efficiencies to 96%. Both models deliver up to 250 W.

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High Current POL Converter Modules Provide Ready-to-Use Power Solution for Densely Populated Boards

Advanced multi-phase topology delivers current density in excess of 78A/in3

POLA compatibility offers multi-vendor sourcing flexibility

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 21, 2005 - Artesyn Technologies (Nasdaq:ATSN) has launched two new high current point-of-load converter modules that provide highly cost-effective, ready-to-use power solutions for densely populated boards. Occupying a board area of just 2.14in2, the new PTHxx040W series converters employ an advanced topology to maximize conversion efficiency and current density - and minimize external component count - making it easy for designers to place high-current, low-voltage sources next to the silicon devices they are powering. The PTH12040W has an output current rating of 50A, while the PTH04040W has an even higher 60A rating. Both converters offer a comprehensive set of features, including wide output voltage adjustment and Auto-Track(TM) power sequencing, enabling a broad diversity of applications to be satisfied with just the two models.

Artesyn's PTHxx040W series converters are POLA compliant. Fully compatible with similar products produced by other members of the Point-of-Load Alliance, they provide users with sourcing flexibility, long-term supply security and support for very high volume applications. The converters are primarily intended for the telecommunications and data communications markets - typical application areas include high-end blade servers, data storage switches and voice processing systems.

The 50A output PTH12040W converter's wide 8 to 14V input voltage range makes it especially suitable for boards that utilize a loosely regulated intermediate voltage distribution bus fed by an intermediate bus converter (IBC) or 12V ac-dc power supply. The converter's output can be set over the range 0.8 to 5.5V via a single resistor, accommodating virtually all the core and I/O low-voltage supply needs of latest-generation ASICs, network processors and DSPs. The 60A output PTH04040W has an input range of 2.95 to 5.5V - ideal for boards that employ either a 3.3V or 5V distribution bus - and an output voltage range of 0.8 to 3.6V, which again is determined by a single resistor.

PTHxxx040W series converters are packaged as open-frame modules, measuring just 2.04 x 1.04in. They are available in through-hole and surface mount configurations, and with an installed height of only 0.36in are eminently suitable for systems with tight card pitches. The converters use an advanced multi-phase topology with an equivalent switching frequency of 1.05MHz to achieve full load conversion efficiencies as high as 96%. The 60A output PTH04040W has a power density of more than 78A/in3, and both models can deliver up to 250W of useable power. A further major advantage of the conversion topology is that fast transient output currents can be accommodated without the need for large numbers of bulky external capacitors, enabling designers to achieve significant savings in board real estate.

Both of Artesyn's PTHxxx040W series POL converters feature Auto-Track(TM) power sequencing, enabling multiple converters to track each other, or an external voltage, during power-up and power-down. This built-in functionality provides electronics designers with a technically elegant means of powering advanced silicon devices such as DSPs, FPGAs and ASICs, which often require a number of different voltage supplies to be applied and removed in a specific, carefully controlled sequence. PTHxxx040W series converters also have a pre-bias start-up capability, enabling them to be used in situations where feed-through from a multi-rail device might cause a voltage to be present on the converter output during power-up. The converters have no minimum load requirement, and offer differential remote sense inputs to maximize regulation. Further facilities include remote on/off and margin up/down controls - as well as programmable undervoltage lockout to allow turn-on and turn-off voltage thresholds to be customized.

PTHxxx040W series are suitable for forced air or convection cooled environments and accommodate a wide operating ambient temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius, with derating. They are comprehensively protected against overtemperature and short-circuit conditions, with fully automatic recovery. The converters carry a full set of international safety approvals - including EN60950 (TÃœV Product Service) and UL/cUL60950.

In OEM quantities of 1000, Artesyn's PTHxxx040W series converters have a unit price of US$34.50. Standard lead-time for both models is stock to 6-8 weeks.

Background: The Point-of-Load Alliance (POLA) was formed by Artesyn, Texas Instruments and Astec Power of Emerson Network Power in June 2003. Ericsson Power Modules and Murata are also now members. The alliance's aim is to standardize leading technology for high performance POL converters, ensuring interoperability and customer design flexibility. Under the terms of this alliance, all five companies are developing POL converters that have the same functionality, pin-outs and form factors. The advantages for customers include flexibility of sourcing and security of supply. For more information about Artesyn's POLA products, see http://artesyn.com/powergroup/new_pola_pth_launch.htm

Auto-Track(TM) is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.


PTH04040 http://artesyn.com/media/pdfs/pth04040.pdf

PTH12040 http://artesyn.com/media/pdfs/pth12040.pdf

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