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PoE Midspan supports full-power Cisco AP1250 access points.

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PoE Midspan supports full-power Cisco AP1250 access points.

May 02, 2008 - Designated POE125U-4HP, midspan is capable of proprietary handshake required for AP1250 that tells access point midspan is capable of handling high power so it can work at max power range and data rate. Designed to meet IEEE802.3at criteria, 4-port Gigabit midspan provides up to 36 W per port, with full power of 144 W, and requires no power management. Compatible for 10/100/1000 Base-T networks, unit is suited for VoIP phone, access point, security system, and IP camera applications.

Phihong USA Inc. - Fremont, CA

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Phihong High-Power PoE Midspan Compatible with Cisco AP1250

Press release date: Apr 29, 2008

Gigabit PoE midspan supports full-power Cisco AP1250...

FREMONT, Calif.-- (April 29, 2008) - Phihong USA, a global leader in Power-over- Ethernet solutions, has introduced a 4-port Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet midspan for highpower applications that is compatible with Cisco's Aironet 1250 Series Access Points.

Designated the POE125U-4HP, the midspan is capable of the proprietary "handshake" required for the AP1250 that tells the access point the midspan is capable of handling high power so it can work at the maximum power range and data rate.

"The POE125U is designed to meet the criteria set by IEEE802.3at for high-power PoE," said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing, Phihong USA. "More importantly, its compatibility with the Cisco AP1250 ensures full capability so that users can easily and wirelessly access high bandwidth data and applications, with no extra equipment or connections, no matter where they are located."

The POE125U provides up to 36 watts per each of its four ports with full power of 144W with no power management required. The midspan is Gigabit-compatible for 10/100/1000 Base-T networks and is ideal for VoIP phone, access point, security system and IP camera applications.

Featuring IEEE 802.3af detection and disconnect, as well as pre-standard IEEE802.3at classification, the POE125U-4HP also provides over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection.

Single piece pricing for Phihong's POE125U 4-port midspan is $169 and they are available for purchase at

Phihong is one of the leading suppliers of power solutions to networking OEMs, including power supplies, adapters and Power-over-Ethernet products. With global sales for 2008 expected to exceed $550 million, Phihong has engineering and manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Taiwan and mainland China.

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