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Pneumatic Light Tower features 5 LED fixtures.

Press Release Summary:

Extendable to 18 ft using 1/3 hp compressor, Model PLM-18-5X150W-LED features five 150 W LED lamps producing total of 79,350 lm of light output in wide flood pattern for uniform coverage of large scale work areas. Industrial-grade lights are IP68-rated waterproof to submersion up to 3 m. Units have extruded aluminum housings and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Operating from standard 110–120 Vac power sources, tower can be mounted to trailers, truck beds, or any secure flat surface.

Original Press Release:

Larson Electronics Announces Release of an Adjustable Light Tower with 5 LED Fixtures

Larson Electronics has announced today the release of a powerful new light tower featuring pneumatic operation and a light assembly consisting of 5 high output LED lamps maximum illumination of large scale work areas. Producing over 70,000 lumens of light output in a wide flood pattern and extendable to 18 feet in height, the PLM-18-5X150W-LED Pneumatic Light Tower  is ideal for operators who desire an easy to deploy lighting system that can withstand the rigors of demanding industrial work conditions.

The PLM-18-5X150W-LED Pneumatic Light Tower from Larson Electronics is designed to illuminate large scale work areas and provides operators in demanding environments with an easy to deploy lighting system capable of producing 79,350 lumens of intense and powerful light output. This LED light tower simplifies setup and deployment with a pneumatically powered mast capable of elevating the 5 LED lamps up to 18 feet in total height. Rather than have to manually elevate the tower using a hand crank or winch as with many other standard light towers, this system is powered by an included 1/3rd horsepower compressor, allowing operators to extend the mast quickly and safely with minimal effort. A valve located at the bottom of the tower allows easy collapsing and provides a gentle descent that prevents any potential damage from lowering too quickly. The lamp assembly features five 150 watt LED lamps producing a total of 79,350 lumens of light output in a wide flood pattern for uniform coverage of large scale locations. These industrial grade lights are IP68 waterproof to submersion up to 3 meters, making them impervious to the effects of driving rain or windy and dusty conditions. The lamp housings are formed from extruded aluminum for light weight and high durability, and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses protect the LEDs from damage while resisting scratching or breakage. Each lamp can be independently adjusted, allowing the operator to adjust the output of each lamp to provide most effective coverage possible. The lamps are attached to the tower via a heavy duty mounting bracket that can be easily removed, allowing users to remove the entire lamp assembly for more compact and safer transport. The lamps are connected to the main harness with waterproof connectors for added durability, and the main harness is routed within the tower mast itself to prevent fraying or damage from rough use. This light tower can be connected to standard 110-120 VAC power sources such as that provided by standard generators or normal wall outlets, further simplifying operation. The tower can be mounted to trailers, truck beds, or just about any secure flat surface capable of supporting the load using an included mounting plate measuring 12 inches square by ½ inch thick. This mounting plate is predrilled to accept four ¾ inch bolts, making installation easier and providing plenty of strength for a stable attachment. This LED light tower is ideal for operators who want a powerful yet easy to setup lighting system that can effectively illuminate large locations such as outdoor events, construction sites, and even emergency scenes, without requiring complex setup procedures or several people to deploy.

“The PLM-18-5X150W-LED pneumatic LED light tower is an alternative to conventional crank up metal halide light towers,” said Rob Bresnahan with “While the initial cost of acquisition in higher, the total cost of ownership for these is much lower, since the light heads don’t require replacement.  Metal halide lights produce a lot of illumination, but are more delicate during transportation and usage that LED light heads that produce similar light output.  So if you factor in the cost of maintenance, operators and rental companies alike will see value in using LED light towers.”

Larson Electronics produces a wide range of LED lights, LED light towers, portable LED lights, explosion proof lights and hazardous location LED work lights. The entire Larson Electronics line of industrial grade lighting can be viewed by visiting them on the web at You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of their lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.


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