Pneumatic Hot Melt Glue Gun meets all packaging needs.

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Available in high and low temperature versions, non-flammable TEC(TM) 6100 features fully enclosed heater housing with silicon rubber nozzle shroud and power-on warning indicator light. Two-piece nozzle ensures even and controllable melt rate with smooth molten glue flow. Equipped with twin 250 W steel heaters and up to 500 W of power, gun offers melt rate up to 9 lb/hr. Applicator is suited for packaging, shipping, assembly, and general industry applications.

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Power Adhesives Tec(TM) 6100 High Output Pneumatic Hot Melt Glue Gun Ideal for All Packaging Needs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -A green adhesive applicator that is safe and easy to use, is non-flammable, minimizes waste and doesn't use harsh solvents is now available from Power Adhesives for various packaging, shipping, assembly and general industry applications.
The TEC(TM) 6100 high output, 100% thermoplastic pneumatic hot melt glue gun from Power Adhesives offers environmental sustainability without sacrificing performance. A rugged and reliable production tool, the TEC(TM) 6100 dispenses adhesives with little effort for maximum efficiency in meeting the most demanding applications.

This make it an ideal tool for sealing and labeling bags, pouches, boxes and an assortment of other packaging and shipping applications such as securing protective foam.

TEC(TM) 6100 Detailed

The TEC(TM) 6100 hot melt glue gun features a fully enclosed and highly efficient heater housing with silicon rubber nozzle shroud and a power-on warning indicator light for easy monitoring and extra operator safety.

A two-piece easy flow nozzle ensures a fast, even and controllable melt rate with smooth molten glue flow for better control of the adhesive.

"One of the greenest adhesive applications available in the market, the TEC(TM) 6100 glue gun has a great number of features that benefit the packaging industry," explains Lee Stegall, Vice President of Sales for Power Adhesives. "Among the benefits are a solid built long-life PTFE barrel for added security and a special easy load non-stick coated piston that makes loading the gun easy and reduces problems associated with glue back up."

Available in high and low temperature versions, the TEC(TM) 6100 offers maximum thermal efficiency due to its advanced housing design allowing for a fast warm up time of less than five minutes. The glue gun comes with highly efficient twin 250 Watt steel heaters and up to 500 Watts of power.

The gun is loaded with 1 ¾-inch adhesive cartridges ensuring the adhesive always remains in the gun at the desired temperature. Reloading the cartridge takes only seconds and an audible and visual signal minimizes down time. Melt rate is up to 9 lbs/hour, depending on the adhesive used and temperature requirements.

Easy to Use

To use the TEC(TM) 6100, connect the glue gun to an electrical supply. The adhesive melts inside the gun chamber and once melted can be extruded directly onto the desired surface.

The TEC(TM) hot melt glue guns comply with worldwide industrial and safety standards and are available along with spare parts and accessories through strategically-located distributors in the U.S., Canada and worldwide.

About Power Adhesives

A United Kingdom based advanced technology production company, Power Adhesives has become the hallmark of TEC(TM) products. Power Adhesives products are sold under the TEC(TM) and TECBOND(TM) brand names. The company uses only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of all its products.

For more information on the TEC(TM) 6100 hot melt glue gun contact Lee Stegall at, call 704-334-2425 or visit

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