Pneumatic Gripper Rotary Modules offer 80 combinations.

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Combining zero-backlash rotary actuator, manifold, and parallel gripper, AGM Swivel/Gripper Modules provide solution for pick-and-place applications. Internal porting prevents airlines from twisting, rubbing, and snagging outside unit. With gripper stroke length of .25 in., smallest module in series can generate up to 5 lb-in. torque at 80 psi and up to 20 lb gripping force. Largest module has ratings of 250 lb-in. torque, 130 lb gripping force, and 4 in. stroke.

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Pneumatic Gripper Rotary Motion Module with 80 Combinations

Pneumatic gripper rotary modules combine a zero backlash rotary actuator with a precision parallel gripper with a manifold between them into a single ultra-compact unit.

The new AGM swivel/gripper modules provide machine and automation builders with a particularly flexible and cost-effective dual-functionality actuator for pick-and-place type applications.

They are designed to help machine builders and system integrators minimize design and installation time, as well as reduce purchasing costs.

AGI offers a choice over eighty combinations of AGM gripper/rotary modules, with different torque's, gripper forces, gripper stroke lengths and manifolds. The internal porting prevents airlines from twisting, rubbing and snagging outside the unit. This yields a versatile automation module for assembly.

The smallest module can generate up to 5 in/lb torque at 80 psi, up to 20 lb gripping force, and has a gripper stroke length of .25 inch. The largest module in the series has ratings of 250 in/lb torque, 130 gripping force and a 4 inch gripper stroke.
This combination of high rotational and gripping forces enables AGI modules to provide industry-leading cycle times of just 0.1sec, making them ideal for high-throughput automation applications.

Typically, these include picking components from bowl or linear feeders and re-orientating them on assembly pallets; presenting components to automated inspection cameras; and picking components from in-feed conveyors, rotating them and placing them for assembly.

AGI also has a complete range of products include, parallel grippers, rotary actuators, thrusters, powered slides, mini slides, tool changers, overload devices, and specialty O-ring grippers.

These units are stocked at AGI - American Grippers inc. 171 Spring Hill Rd. Trumbull, CT. 06611 Phone # (203) 459-8345 Web site

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