Pneumatic Ejector Coupling Device offers high tensile force.

Press Release Summary:

With Z1680/... downtime due to coupling of ejector system to molding machine for frequent mould changes is reduced. Activated pneumatically, solution locks coupling rod mechanically and without continued assistance of compressed air. Two variations are available: Z1681/... ready for assembly with threaded stem, and Z1682/... with length that can be determined by customer and provided with thread. Other features include optical location aid on rods and tensile forces up to 80 KN.

Original Press Release:

Pneumatic HASCO Ejector Coupling Device, Z1680/...

Particularly with frequent mould changes, the coupling of the ejector system to the moulding machine accounts for a considerable proportion of the set-up time - and set-up time is cost-intensive downtime.

With the new pneumatic ejector coupling device Z1680/... from HASCO, this time can be significantly reduced. This reliable and compact powerhouse is activated pneumatically and reliably locks the coupling rod mechanically and without the continued assistance of compressed air.

These rods are available in two variations:

- Z1681/..., ready for assembly with threaded stem
- Z1682/..., length can be determined by the customer and provided with a thread.

A new aspect is the optical location aid on the rods, which shows during insertion when the rod has reached its end position. If desired, the end position of the rod can be monitored by an inductive proximity switch, thereby further optimising automated mould changes.

With tensile forces up to 80 KN the Z1680/... units are unmatched, with wider permitted misalignment tolerances that guarantee reliable functioning even in less than optimum conditions. Additionally, the operator of the injection moulding machine gains hands free actuation of the unit, and the pneumatic connection ports can be rotated 360° for convenient orientation. Coupling of the unit to the injection moulding machine is achieved using Hasco standard Z85/5 PVC hose.

Companies that already work with the manually operated Z168 can easily convert over to the new system as it shares the same coupling rods mounted to the mould tools.

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