PMC Card features Solaris video digitizing software support.

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Argus/PMC dual-head PMC module supports NTSC and PAL video capture under Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, and 2.9. It offers 2 independent video digitizers, each with 3 video capture channels. Two channels, one from each digitizer, can be simultaneously displayed. Both display channels are powered by Borealis graphics accelerator and support screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 with up to 16.7 million colors. Each Borealis has 16 Mbytes of high-speed SGRAM display memory.

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Peritek Adds Solaris Video Digitizing Software Support to High Performance Dual-Head Graphics PMC Card

OAKLAND, Calif. --- TBD -- Peritek Corporation, the leading provider of mezzanine graphics boards for embedded systems and a Sun Microsystems iForce Partner, has announced expanded video input and display support under Solaris for its Argus/PMC dual-head graphics PMC module. The Argus/PMC now supports NTSC and PAL video capture under Solaris 2.6, 2.7 (7), 2.8 (8) and 2.9 (9).

Argus/PMC is a dual channel PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) graphics board that features two independent video digitizers, each with three video capture channels. Two channels, one from each digitizer, can be simultaneously displayed.

"The dual channel Argus/PMC saves valuable board real estate while providing unmatched video input flexibility," said Victor Gold, president of Peritek. "With this new video digitizing software, Solaris system designers can now tap the Argus/PMC's full potential."

The high-resolution Argus/PMC graphics controller supports two independent 2D/3D displays in Solaris/OpenGL and Windows/DirectX environments. Peritek's Standard Drawing Library (SDL) package provides a C-callable library for Linux and VxWorks environments.

Backed by highly optimized 3D/OpenGL and 2D graphics software for Solaris, Argus/PMC delivers well-balanced, high performance graphics and video capture to the Sun market. Video input on the Argus/PMC is provided by two on-board video digitizers for NTSC/PAL composite video or S-Video capture.

Both of the Argus/PMC's display channels are powered by a Borealis graphics accelerator and supports screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 with up to 16.7 million colors (32 bpp). Each Borealis has 16 Mbytes of high speed SGRAM display memory which provides ample local storage for image and off-screen data such as texture maps, Z-buffer, and backing store. With its 128-bit wide memory bus, the Borealis can draw up to sixteen 256-color pixels each memory cycle for a raw drawing speed of 2 Gbytes/s. The board's asynchronous PCI bridge supports 32-bit, 33 MHz to 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI data transfers, while its Borealis processors always operate at 32-bit, 66 MHz.

The Argus/PMC has a 68-pin high density HD ribbon connector and a breakout cable (purchased separately). The breakout cable splits the functions into dual DVI-I (for both DVI and VGA), dual USB 2.0, and BNC connectors for each digitizer's three input channels.

To simplify boot-up in different operating system environments, Argus/PMC features a custom BIOS that supports both VGA and FCode. This enables the board to operate in virtually any SPARC or x86 system using VGA, sync-on-green (SOG), or DVI displays.

Argus/PMC Key Features:
o Dual Borealis 128-bit 2D/3D graphics controllers
o 33/66 MHz, 32/64-bit PMC interface
o Each controller has 16 MB SGRAM and a local 66 MHz, 32-bit PCI interface
o Each display programmable for 8, 16, or 32 bits/pixel
o Dual channel analog (RGB) resolution up to 1920 x 1200
o Dual channel digital (PanelLink/DVI) up to 1280 x 1024
o OpenGL 1.1 in Hardware
o Hardware scroll, pan, and cursor
o VGA and FCode BIOS support on Channel A
o Dual multi-input video digitizers
o Companion single and dual display-only versions
o Works on PCI and CompactPCI using carriers available from Peritek

Argus/PMC operating temperature range is 0º to 55º C.

Pricing starts at $2,463 in 100 piece quantities. Availability is off-the-shelf.

In addition to Argus/PMC, Peritek also offers the Gemini/PMC, a dual display graphics controller without audio/video input/USB 2.0. Peritek offers compatible families of graphics controllers on PMC, CompactPCI and PCI platforms for use with VxWorks, Windows and Solaris operating systems. Please contact Peritek for more information or consult our web page at

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