PM Fused Fiber Couplers/Splitters support ±50 nm operation.

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By leveraging Fused Biconically Tapered (FBT) wavelength flattening technology, Ultra Broadband Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fused Fiber Couplers/Splitters support operation over bandwidths up to ±50 nm for polarization maintaining fibers (including Panda and Bow-Tie). These products support builds of expanding global imaging and sensor markets utilizing broader wavelength bandpass with highest path-matching accuracy for optimal system performance.

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Gould Fiber Optics Announces a New Product Offering: Gould's Ultra Broadband Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fused Fiber Couplers/Splitters

Millersville, MD, USA — Gould Fiber Optics, a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium passive fiber optic components and integrated modules to the OCT, laser, sensors and telecommunications industries, has expanded its component line to support a broader band for polarization maintaining fibers. Our expanded component line features bandwidths up to +/- 50nm for polarization maintaining (PM) fibers including Panda and Bow-Tie. Gould announces its Ultra Broadband Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fused Fiber Couplers/Splitters.

Fused PM couplers usually operate over a certain wavelength band of +/-20nm.  Gould is able to expand the operating wavelength band up to +/-50nm, utilizing our proven Fused Biconically Tapered (FBT) wavelength flattening technology offering performance comparable to our Single Mode (SM) Wavelength Flattened Couplers (WFC).

Gould's Ultra Broadband PM Couplers & optical signal splitters are ideal in supporting the unique builds of the expanding global imaging and sensor markets, utilizing broader wavelength bandpass with highest path-matching accuracy for an excellent system performance. These components are small in size and exhibit a flat coupling ratio response over a broadband of wavelength ranges, suitable for use in Instrumentation, OCT, Test & Measurements, Sensors and Gyroscopes.  Gould's PM broadband couplers feature ultra-broad bandpass, low excess loss, excellent uniformity, high polarization extinction ratio, low wavelength dependent loss, and high directivity. These couplers are offered in a variety of coupling ratios. Gould also offers custom optical modules and subsystems by integrating multiple broadband components such as splitters, circulators, as well as fixed and variable optical attenuators for various OCT applications.

“Gould Fiber Optics continues its focus on innovation with this new PM product line.” Gould Technology General Manager Dr. Saeed Pilevar stated. “Our ability to create these new products, while maintaining our reputation for quality, is what allows us to serve the changing needs of today’s customers.”

About Gould Technology, LLC

Gould Technology, based in Millersville, Maryland, with administrative offices in Albany, Georgia, is the first name in fiber optic couplers and passive fiber optic components, as well as a leading provider of customized, fully tested advanced integrated optical solutions to the military, aerospace, medical, sensors, oil & gas, test & measurement, and telecommunications industries. The company was a pioneer in fiber optics technology, commercializing products as early as 1983. The company holds numerous patents on fiber optic components and manufacturing processes, and has partnered with major companies in the development of optical solutions and products which could be found on the ocean floor, in space, and around the house. Gould is ISO 9001-2008 certified, Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221, ITAR and RoHS compliant.  For more information, call toll-free: 1-800-544-6853 or visit

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