Plugs and Outlets have durable black nylon housing.

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BL Series are suitable for OEM applications requiring low-profile devices. Series include 2014CBL 20 A 125/250 V 4-wire connector, 2014PBL plug, 3014CBL 30 A 125/250 V 4-wire connector, 3014PBL plug, and 3014FIBL flanged inlet. All accommodate wide range of cord shapes and sizes, from 10-3SO to 14-ga Teflon®. Options include 15 A and 20 A straight blade, 15 A locking, and 20 A and 30 A NEMA locking configurations for connectors, plugs, flanged inlets, and outlets.

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New "Stage Lighting/Theatre" Electrical Wiring Devices

All-Black Design Is Also Appropriate For Equipment OEMs Wanting Low-Profile Devices

Five new specification-grade wiring devices particularly appropriate for stage lighting, or any heavy-duty OEM applications requiring "hidden" (all-black) devices, are now available from Marinco Specialty Wiring Devices (SWD).

The new Marinco® BL (Black) Series devices include 20A 125/250V 4- wire connector (2014CBL) and plug (2014PBL), and the 30A 125/250V 4-wire connector (3014CBL), plug (3014PBL) and flanged inlet (3014FIBL).

Marinco continues to have the industry's widest selection of all-black wiring devices.

Designed to withstand the rigors of concert touring, the BL Series' durable black nylon housing provides excellent impact resistance, while the rear ends of the housing are beveled so the connector won't catch on stairs, equipment, or other sharp edges.

An oversized mechanical clamp traps the cord against the rear of the housing for an exceedingly strong cord grip that eliminates strain on the terminals. The cord clamp accommodates a very wide range of cord shapes and sizes, from up to 10-3SO down to 14-gauge Teflon®.

Several design features allow for fast installation, including wire entrance holes that are close together for easy insertion of wire. Terminal screws are provided in the "open" position to eliminate the need to back them out. Terminals also have redundant color-coding for added safety. Extra room in the housing allows for easy clamping of the cable jacket.

The BL Series designs include 15A and 20A straight blade, 15A locking, and 20A and 30A NEMA locking configurations for connectors, plugs, flanged inlets and outlets. The recently- introduced Right Angle Adapter and Cord Grip (15RA) is perfect for space-restricted applications; it fits the 15A and 20A straight blade and 15A locking connectors and plugs.

Marinco's OEM Bulk Packaging Program permits users to order in quantities as small as 50-count per carton. Plugs and connectors are available with the .CN (Canadian) option for combination slot and #1 Robertson head screws, allowing fast, flexible assembly in either the factory or in the field.

Marinco Specialty Wiring Devices include electrical connectors, plugs, inlets, outlets, receptacles, covers, and DC devices. SWD devices are appropriate for many critical electric connections in industrial applications, including uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), computers, injection molding machines, process controls, welders, power distribution systems, and stage lighting.

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