PLL Synthesizer combines VCO and PLL in one compact package.

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Operating from 2,416-2,553 MHz with typical step size of 100 kHz, CPLL66-2416-2553 is housed in compact 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.15 in. SMD package. It needs only external frequency reference and supply voltages for internal PLL and VCO and is programmed using standard 3 line interface (data, clock, and load enable). Phase noise is -90 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset with minimum output power of 3 dBm, VCO voltage is 5 Vdc, PLL voltage is 3 Vdc, and second harmonic suppression is -15 dBc typical.

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New 2416-2553 MHz PLL/Synthesizer from Crystek Corporation

Fort Myers, FL - July 16, 2009 - Crystek's CPLL66-2416-2553 PLL/Synthesizer operates from 2416 MHz to 2553 MHz with a typical Step Size of 100 KHz. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the model CPLL66-2416-2553 is housed in a compact 0.6-in. x 0.6-in. x 0.15-in. SMD package, which saves board space.

Crystek's PLL/Synthesizer construction essentially wraps a VCO around a PLL in a package that's only marginally larger than a VCO on its own, and significantly smaller than separate VCO/PLL modules. The CPLL66-2416-2553 is a complete PLL/Synthesizer needing only an external frequency reference and supply voltages for the internal PLL (phase lock loop) and VCO (voltage controlled oscillator). The Crystek CPLL66-2416-2553 is programmed using a standard three line interface (Data, Clock and Load Enable).

Typical phase noise for the CPLL66-2416-2553 is -90 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset with minimum output power of 3 dBm. VCO voltage is 5 Vdc; PLL voltage is 3 Vdc. Second harmonic suppression is -15 dBc typical.

The CPLL66-2416-2553 is ideal for use in telecommunications, computers, radio equipment, base stations and other electronic applications. For pricing details, contact Crystek Corporation.

Family datasheets are available for download at

Crystek Corporation® is a leading manufacturer of Frequency Control Products - quartz crystals, XOs (clock oscillators), TCXOs (temperature compensated oscillators), VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators), VCXOs (voltage controlled crystal oscillators), and TCVCXOs (temperature compensated voltage controlled oscillators). Founded in 1958, Crystek's capabilities include custom manufacturing of quartz crystal and oscillators from quartz bars through packaged and tested finished products. Crystek's facilities include climate controlled manufacturing plants and state-of-the-art product validation centers. Crystek's on-site warehousing facility boasts an inventory of more than five million items, which allows the company to respond to most customer requests on a next day basis.

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