Plex Systems, Inc. Helps Customers Make Every Day Earth Day

Plex Online Enables Customers to Conserve Valuable Resources and Reduce Carbon Footprint

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., April 22, 2010 - Plex Systems, Inc., provider of Plex Online, the No. 1 rated ERP software for manufacturers, today announced that on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, it is proud to help its community of users operate greener and leaner manufacturing processes.

Plex Online is a Service (SaaS) ERP solution that enables manufacturers to connect and manage processes throughout their enterprise and significantly reduces the use of resources and energy consumption. In addition, Plex Online helps customers reduce ongoing IT maintenance costs, improve product quality and increase productivity leading to higher profits and leaner operations.

Applied Research recently conducted a study of CIOs/CTOs and 57 percent of the respondents viewed software as a service (SaaS) as a way they could get greener in their IT organizations.

With Plex Online, data and reporting are all maintained electronically, significantly reducing the need for paper, printers, and related supplies. As a result, customers can save time, eliminate duplication of efforts, improve quality, and reduce manual processes: all of which can reduce the company's energy consumption and conserve resources.

Additionally, Plex Online is delivered as a web-based service, which means that customers don't have to purchase and configure their own servers and storage systems - also leading to a significant reduction in energy costs associated with these systems and the cooling systems required to maintain their function. If an average server uses 200 watts of power, that's 1.75 megawatt hours/server/year - all eliminated by using Plex Online. Each server eliminated reduces the carbon dioxide emissions from not only the server, but all cooling systems and power consumption of equipment required to house and run it.

"Today's manufacturers are always looking at ways to save resources and be better stewards of the environment," said Plex Systems CEO Mark Symonds. "We are proud to help manufacturers improve quality, embrace lean operations and reduce their carbon footprint."

Customers tell Plex Systems they have seen significant resource savings almost immediately after implementing Plex Online.

Phoenix Logistics, Inc. previously relied on a manual and paper-based system stored in more than 50 filing cabinets. Now using Plex Online they have paperless, integrated real-time traceability and:

o Eliminated the cost of printing, handling and storing over 20,000 pages of documents once generated each month, saving more than $53,000 per year.

o Have shown a total cost savings of over $89,000 per year.
Jagemann Stamping Company (JSC) also achieved leaner and greener operations after implementing Plex Online and replacing nearly a dozen systems with one single, fully integrated system with real-time information and user-driven date flexibility. Not only has Plex Online brought savings and efficiencies, it is so easy to use that employees who avoided the company's previous systems now access, gather, and compile data. All 150 employees have been trained on the new system. Other results include:

o The company previously printed full-color schedules for each press, about 40 sheets of paper daily. Now schedules are electronic, never printed. Total paper savings annually: 10,000 impressions (paper and ink).

o JSC used to print five pieces of paper for each manufacturing order, about 21,250 pages per year. Now this information is captured digitally.

o The company now manages traceability throughout the entire system. What previously involved three systems and significant energy consumption can now be accomplished with a few mouse clicks.

o Because the system is hosted at off-premise data centers, JSC needs to supply only basic Internet connections to PCs, significantly reducing energy consumption.

What started as a small grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment in 1970 now has more than one billion people in 190 countries taking environmentally beneficial actions for Earth Day. Plex Systems is proud to contribute to this worthwhile effort.

About Plex Systems, Inc.

Plex Systems, Inc. is the developer of Plex Online, a software as a service (SaaS) solution for the manufacturing enterprise and the only solution to achieve the prestigious Champion ranking in Aberdeen Group's 2009 "ERP in Manufacturing" AXIS report. Plex Online offers industry-leading features for virtually every department within a manufacturer, including Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the shop floor, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sales and marketing, Supply Chain Management (SCM) for procurement, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for finance and management. Plex Online's fully integrated model delivers a "shop floor to top floor" view of a manufacturer's operations, enabling management to run its business at maximum efficiency. Founded in 1995, Plex Systems is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with customers around the globe. More information is online at

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