Plastruct's Conical Cone and Hoppers Replace Flap Jackets and Stainless Steel Hoppers for Carbon Black

Industrial Hoppers and Cones for use with Carbon Black

Vineland, Ontario, Canada:

Plastruct Canada Inc. has created a Hopper Lining System that eliminates material flow issues notorious with carbon black powder. Carbon Black is one of the most difficult powders to handle in bins, hoppers and feeders.

Carbon Black is an engineered compound and is an essential ingredient in the production of tires and other rubber goods. It is also used a pigment in printing inks, paints and plastics. It is produced by pumping oil through a furnace, where the heat is above 2000*F. The fume that is created in this process is filtered and treated with water to create pellets. These pellets are typically friable and when broken down, create fines which are flow restrictive.

As with many pigments, carbon black has difficulty flowing and requires static dissipation. Carbon Black also requires constant maintenance to ensure reliable flow as it can severely build up on the sides of a hopper due to its tendency to cling and smear which creates bridging, rat holing, segregation and flooding. These issues are typical problems for materials that have a tendency to funnel flow, which means some material flows while the rest remains stationary.

Customized Stainless Steel Wedge hoppers or air pulsated flap jackets have been used to move Carbon Black with some success. Plastruct Canada Inc., has created hoppers and cones designed from Engineered Static Dissipative polymers, offering a much lower co-efficient of friction, (static and dynamic) than Stainless Steel and less maintenance than the Air pulsed flap jackets.

Plastruct Canada Inc. is emerging as a leader in the plastic industry offering standard and specialty plastics, design, fabrication, machining and installation capabilities.

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