Plastics Testing System performs tension and flexural tests.

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Suited for production floor or QC environment, bundled system comes with Model 3345 testing machine, tensile wedge grips, flex fixtures, Dell® PC, and Bluehill® Lite Materials Testing software. System provides automatic recognition, balancing, and calibration of load and strain transducers, and uses dc servomotor with digital closed-loop position control to provide accurate crosshead speed control. It meets requirements of ASTM, EN, BS, ISO, and JIS testing standards.

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Instron Introduces an Affordable Plastics Testing Package

Superior plastics testing at an affordable price

Instron, a leading provider of testing equipment designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, introduces a plastics testing package equipped for tension and flexural tests and is ideally suited for testing on a production floor or in a QC environment. This cost-effective, bundled system comes complete with a Model 3345 testing machine, tensile wedge grips, flex fixtures, Dell® PC with 17" LCD flat panel display and Bluehill® Lite Materials Testing Software. The system meets requirements of ASTM, EN, BS, ISO, JIS and other testing standards specifically designed for plastics testing.

The 3345 system contains many unique capabilities and features. Its automatic recognition, balancing and calibration of load and strain transducers increases operator productivity and ensures consistent and accurate data. A high torque DC servomotor with digital closed-loop position control provides accurate crosshead speed control, rapid acceleration and full speed performance over a wide-load range. The system constantly measures speed, position and the test force being applied, ensuring measurement accuracy and repeatability. The 3345's no-clutch drive system increases reliability and improves load/speed performance. Safety features include ball screw covers to ensure longer machine life and operator protection as well as mechanical and software limit setting.

Bluehill Lite is an extremely flexible, easy-to-use materials testing package with an intuitive web-like user interface that consolidates testing, test method definition and reports, and system administration. The software is divided into color-coded tabs and has a distinct home screen that makes navigation effortless and increases the efficiency of test setup. Designed with screens that are tailored to the unique application requirements of each test type, parameters such as fixture setup, test terminology, unit choices and calculations are configured automatically, allowing laboratories to achieve maximum productivity easily and quickly.

The 3345 testers are available in three colors:, cobalt blue, charcoal gray and magenta red. Other available accessories include additional grips and fixtures, extensometers and chambers.

About Instron®
Instron is a leading provider of test equipment for the material and structural testing markets. A global company providing single-source convenience, Instron manufactures and services products used to test the mechanical properties and performances of various materials, components and structures in a wide array of environments.

Instron systems evaluate materials ranging from the most fragile filament to advanced high-strength alloys, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for all their research, quality and service-life testing requirements. Additionally, Instron offers a broad range of service capabilities, including assistance with laboratory management, calibration expertise and customer training.

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