Plastic Wide Belt Conveyor features modular design.

Press Release Summary:

Available as components, modules, or complete system, Wide Belt Conveyor comes in 322, 424, and 626 mm widths, suited for handling cartons, bundles, bags, and other large individual items that require stable support. Flat, smooth belt surface minimizes risk of scratches, while guide rails prevent items from falling off. With max speed of 40 m/min, conveyor has vertical bends and 15 m length, allowing layouts in 3 dimensions without additional elevators in constant flow.

Original Press Release:

FlexLink Launches New Modular Wide Belt Conveyor

The new modular plastic belt conveyor system from FlexLink is the efficient solution for the transportation of large individual items and flows of smaller products.

Everything in the wide belt conveyor, from the smallest component to horizontal plain bends and fully functioning conveyor modules, is standardized for easy engineering, easy maintenance and a trouble-free operation. The modularity in design makes assembly and modifications easy and the system can be adapted to any requirements.

"This is what our customers demand - a standardized, modular plastic belt conveyor that is quiet, sturdy, safe and with high reliability," says Göran Abbestam, Product Manager at FlexLink for aluminum and pallet conveyors. "Our assortment is allowing us to be a 'one-stop-supplier' who also can guarantee spare parts and after sales service in over 60 countries."

Safety and more

"FlexLink's new conveyor system meets the highest standards in reliability and safety - we have looked into every detail with regards to operator safety and working environment." adds Göran Abbestam. "We have worked hard to eliminate potential pinch points and obtain a very low noise level. The flat, smooth belt surface minimizes the risk of scratches and the sturdy guide rails prevent items from falling off, allowing for the safe handling of sensitive products."

Capacity and flexibility throughout

The conveyor is available as components, modules or a complete system. The three widths, 322, 424 and 626 mm make it suited for handling cartons, bundles, bags and other large individual items that require the stable support of a wide chain. Equally important, it allows large flows of smaller products.

The vertical bends and a length up to 15 m allows efficient and simple layouts in three dimensions without additional elevators in constant flow. With a maximum conveyor speed of 40 m/min, the capacity is setting new standards for modular belt conveyors.

"Our customers are very pleased with our new wide modular belt conveyor system," concludes Göran Abbestam. "We have reached 100% modularity and new capacity levels with regards to the conveyor speed. Last but not least, the design solution opens the door for future developments."


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