Plastic Pipes Welding Brings McElroy Machines to Middle East

(Jan. 21, 2019) — McElroy fusion machines have a new home in the Middle East with the opening of Plastic Pipes Welding’s facility in Dubai. The new company is developing close relationships with customers there to provide the best thermoplastic pipe welding solutions with the sales, rental and service of McElroy fusion equipment.

CEO Jose Ramon Arístegui has been a distributor of McElroy machinery and accessories in Europe and Northern Africa for 14 years. His Dubai company is supported by his staff at Arístegui Maquinaria in Barcelona, which has more than 38 years’ experience in the fusion industry.

“From my years of experience, I understand the industry and believe there are numerous and real customer needs for this type of machinery in the Middle East region,” he said. “We understand it is very important for the client to have the machines as soon as possible with very short delivery times. Our local facility is able to provide fast and close local service for customers in the region.”

Plastic Pipes Welding has a complete line of McElroy’s manual, rolling and track-mounted machines for butt, socket and branch fusion of polyethylene and polypropylene pipe up to 2000mm. From their prime location in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the largest free zone in the United Arab Emirates, the company is well positioned to provide prompt service by master mechanics certified by McElroy.

The company also has qualified fusion operators to provide free customer training to ensure machines are operated safely, effectively and to standard before they go into service.

“Jose shares our passion for building better infrastructure all over the world by giving contractors the best fusion equipment to work with. We appreciate his energy and entrepreneurial spirit as he takes on this exciting new endeavor,” said Dave Hughes, McElroy Vice President of Global Sales.

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