Plastic Packaging Now FDA Approved

St. Louis, MO-Brentwood Plastics Inc now offers the following resins either "pure" or consistently blended for specific end uses:

Low density polyethylene ( LDPE )
Fractional Melt Low density polyethylene
Barefoot polyethylene
Linear Low density polyethylene ( LLDPE )
Medium density polyethylene ( MDPE )
High density polyethylene ( HDPE )
Metallocene polyethylene
1,2 Syndiotactic Polybutadiene
20 stock colors; custom pigmentation
Ultraviolet inhibitor ( UVI )

Our products are all made from 100% virgin resin and are FDA approved.
A formal FDA approval letter can be provided on request.

Layflat tubing from 1" to 78"
Sheeting from 3" to 78"
Gusseted tubing up to 36" overall width
"j" sheet and "u" sheet

.0009" ( 23 microns ) to 0.014" (350 microns ).
Not all gauges are available in all width ranges.

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