Planet MV-A Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor

Planet Products variable displacement hydraulic motors are adjustable displacement ball piston motors built to the highest standards of accuracy. Designed for applications requiring rugged durability, smooth low speed running, highest efficiency and minimum leakage, they permit precision control of torque and speed It provides a versatile power package of high efficiency. Adjustments of the motor displacement can be made to exactly match torque and speed characteristics as required by specific conditions.

The motor employs 20 ball pistons uniformly distributed and ported, reacting with precision anti friction bearing displacement rings to provide a virtually pulseless, vibration-free output rotation at any speed. Output torque is constant throughout entire speed range, with constant input pressure. Reversibility with identical dynamic characteristics in either direction is provided by precisely identical flow paths within the motor.

Balanced forces within the motor minimize frictional losses permitting slow rotation under servo control, as well as providing a low start-run pressure. The motor may be operated continuously, reversed or stalled while under full load conditions. It may be mounted in any position. The motor can be run with or without case filled. Empty case is recommended for speeds above 2000 rpm. Flange mounting is standard. Face mount or direct coupling available. Manual control of motor displacement is standard; Hydraulic remote control is available.

The MV-A motor performs smoothly over a speed range from 5 rpm to 3000 rpm, 12 hp at rated pressure of 2000 psi, torque of 14 in-lbs/ 100psi. Planet offers a full range of radial piston motors from 0.1 to 1.0 cubic inch displacement.

Planet Products Corporation, 4200 Malsbary Road, Cincinnati, Oh 45242, (513) 984-5544,

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