Placement Machine delivers high-volume chip placement.

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Quadris(TM) hybrid quad-beam SMT chip-placement system, configured with Lightning(TM) heads and turret-style HSP, achieves 62,000 cph placement speed due to integration of dual-drive linear motors. Features include automatic placement-height optimization, Productivity Shift(TM) board transfer system, on-the-fly gang recognition, and bank feeder change and splicing capabilities.

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Quadris(TM) from Universal Instruments Delivers Concentrated High Volume Placement

Universal Instruments is bolstering its high speed chip placement offering with the introduction of the Quadris(TM) placement machine. This quad-beam solution complements Universal's existing portfolio consisting of the dual-beam Genesis and single-beam AdVantis(TM) platforms configured with Lightning(TM) heads, and the traditional turret-style HSP to address the high-speed, high-volume chip placement market. Quadris achieves 62,000 cph placement speed within a small footprint that sets the performance standard for concentrated throughput in a four-gantry system. With the addition of Quadris, Universal offers its most comprehensive range of chip placement solutions, addressing virtually any market requirement.

Quadris sets out to satisfy the demands of manufacturers who need very high placement rates, the highest possible productivity, and reliable performance in placing small passives, larger leaded and area array packages, or non-standard components. "Quadris meets each of these requirements with little derating, by including advanced technologies for motion control, positioning and alignment, gang component recognition, and on-the-fly adjustment," says Heinz Dommel, Systems Manager, Universal Instruments.

Quadris is a hybrid four-beam SMT placement system that incorporates the latest advantages of both turret-style and overhead gantry technologies to deliver exceptional performance in a small footprint. Its class-leading 62,000 cph placement performance comes courtesy of dual-drive linear motors, which combine rapid acceleration with high-accuracy positioning.

Reliable operation is achieved via proven turret technology. Also important is Quadris' efficiency in placing the smallest SMD passives and delivering true 0201 placement capability, while also addressing advanced packages including CSPs and extending to BGA, PQFP and non-standard components with edge length up to 20mm.

For maximum placement reliability and ultimate productivity, Quadris features automatic placement height optimization, through on-the-head CCD linear sensors. Patented 12-spindle direct-drive heads further boost productivity with on-the-fly gang recognition. A unique board transfer system, known as Productivity Shift(TM) automatically centers the PCB between feeder banks for optimal balancing across the beams. Bank feeder change and splicing capabilities facilitate rapid replenishment and product changeovers.

"Quadris offers the highest throughput, productivity, and reliability of any placement machine in its class," concludes Dommel. "Its arrival is a significant event in this market sector, which now represents more than a quarter of the total market for automated placement equipment."

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