Pixus Offers New Conduction Cooled Card Guide

Waterloo, Ontario  —  Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, now offers card guides for conduction cooled modules that can be used in standard IEEE air-cooled enclosures.  The card guides facilitate plugging of conduction-cooled modules into a backplane for testing and development. 

The conduction-cooled card guides are offered as part of Pixus’ Test/Development chassis for OpenVPX, CompactPCI, and VME/VME64x systems.  They fit in IEEE 1101.10/.11 modular extrusions.  The guide rails are designed for 160mm deep cards, but customized depths are available upon request. 

Pixus also offers standard plastic card guides for air-cooled boards.  This includes color coded versions for system, node, and power slots as well as multiple depths.  The company also provides embedded enclosure components and full systems including extrusion rails, threaded inserts, sidewalls, handles/panels, top and bottom covers, ESD clips, gaskets, and much more.

About Pixus Technologies

Leveraging over 20 years of innovative standard products, the Pixus team is comprised of industry experts in electronics packaging. Founded in 2009 by senior management from Kaparel Corporation, a Rittal company, Pixus Technologies' embedded backplanes and systems are focused primarily on  ATCA, OpenVPX, MicroTCA, and custom designs.    Pixus also has an extensive offering of VME-based and cPCI-based solutions.   In May 2011, Pixus Technologies became the sole authorized North and South American supplier of the electronic packaging products previously offered by Kaparel Corporation and Rittal. 

Justin Moll

Pixus Technologies



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