Pixsy to Use ClickSurge to Drive Contextual Syndication of Images and Video

Pixsy Utilizes ClickSurge Platform to Deliver Contextual Media Search Widget; MediaRiver Leverages Pixsy Media Search to Expand ClickSurge Product Offering

SANTA MONICA (Digital Hollywood Booth # 27), Calif., June 12 // -- MediaRiver, creators of the next-generation ClickSurge web publishing platform, today announced a new customer in Pixsy Corporation, an award-winning media search platform that powers private label image and video search engines.

Pixsy has distinguished itself as an industry leader in helping media companies add video and image search capabilities to their web properties, maximizing the amount of time people spend on their websites and offering the most engaging content discovery experience for readers of their sites.

MediaRiver recently launched ClickSurge as an innovative tool for web publishers to lead Internet users to online content in a discovery-based contextual model. Publishers deploy ClickSurge powered widgets on their web properties, their partner's web properties, or as a part of their viral widget strategy, that feed the end user articles, videos or photos that are relevant to the page they are viewing. For example, a visitor who is reading an article or blog posting around a specific celebrity would be shown links to relevant articles, video clips and photos of that celebrity, prompting them to click through to other monetized web pages.

By incorporating ClickSurge powered widgets into its offerings, Pixsy will enable its publisher customers to display rich multimedia content that is contextually relevant to whatever text is on the page where the widget is deployed. The end result is a significant increase in page views for its customers and an increase in search volume and market share for Pixsy.

"Pixsy provides web publishers with a platform for Internet users to search photo and video archives on their websites, a functionality many of the largest media companies are lacking," said Chase Norlin, CEO of Pixsy Corporation. "With ClickSurge, our publishers can now display dynamic links to relevant images and videos, offering a powerful toolset to increase the profitability of web properties and deliver a very high quality user experience."

Under the terms of the agreement, Pixsy will deploy ClickSurge within its publisher network and leverage the solution to drive content syndication deals and extend the reach and effectiveness of its image and video search platform.

In addition, MediaRiver will leverage Pixsy's award winning multimedia search engine to provide its customers who lack multimedia search capability with the ability to drive traffic to their monetized multimedia assets.

"Incorporating Pixsy's image and video search capability to the ClickSurge offering will enable MediaRiver customers to expose their image and video content to the right audience, at the right time, anywhere on the web," said Al Wasserberger, CEO of MediaRiver.

About MediaRiver

MediaRiver is a visionary company offering products that contextually and automatically publish content to any web page so that users can discover related content and publishers can drive users to the right content at the right time. The ClickSurge Platform enables Web publishers to guide Internet users to the publishers' online content in a widget-based delivery model; allowing content of any type, including video, music, pictures or text, to be linked onto any web page dynamically based on the unique properties of that web page. For more information about MediaRiver and ClickSurge, please visit http://www.mediariver.com/.

About Pixsy

Pixsy Corporation is an award-winning media search platform that powers private label image and video search engines for online websites and applications. Pixsy brings a new suite of tools to the multimedia search sector and is creating new search-based ad opportunities in the process. Pixsy's multimedia spiders and index also let it create compelling vertical search applications for customers that can serve as multimedia launching points for vertical portals. Pixsy has offices in San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA and was founded by a team of engineers and business leaders hailing from Microsoft, Sony, and ValueClick.

Source: MediaRiver

Web site: http://www.mediariver.com/

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