Pittsburgh Paints Unveils 2007-08 Color Trends

New trends draw inspiration from the natural world and global influences

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 15 / - Pittsburgh Paints announces Confluence - its 2007-08 color trends that bring together elements from the natural world and global influences to create atmospheres that respond to our need for connection, energy and escape. The new color trends - featuring shades from terracotta orange to indigo blue to creamy white - reflect our relationship to the elements used throughout the ages which give significance to color - fire, water, earth and air. They are also inspired by the use of color from cultures around the world-including South American and traditional Japanese.

"These latest trends represent the classic confluence of nature's elements and global influences and how their beauty connects and inspires our individual style," said Josette Buisson, artistic director, Pittsburgh Paints. "We see an increasing need in today's society for meaning and connection, so we have developed our color trends to respond to those needs and aspirations."

Pittsburgh Paints 2007-08 color trends are built on previous trends and designed to meld an individual's personal style with the new and unique color combinations. A part of the company's The Voice of Color program, each of the new Confluence trends represent societal and demographic research to arrive at four color palettes - Bloom, Blue Notes, Helios and Space. Each trend includes a palette of colors that flow together to transform a space and convey a person's individual style and personality:

o Bloom - a trend inspired by the spring season-colors levitating energy
and life, cheerfulness and charm. Bloom represents the true brilliance
of gardens in bloom with plum purple, sage green, tangerine orange and
rose mauve.
o Blue Notes - a trend inspired by the summer season - all things
nautical, crisp, cool and collected. This blue-based trend represents
a return to what is essential while striving for the horizon - new
basics rooted in minimalism and classic crispness, including
indigo blue, constant gray and purple blue. Imagine sailing the deep
blue Atlantic and feeling the consistency in the many ways to be blue.
o Helios - a trend inspired by the autumn season - influenced by cultures
of the sun, from Argentina to Mexico. From shades of deep red clay to
cream and white, Helios breathes with a passion for life and is full of
energy, strength and conscious consumption. Helios is ideal for rooms
where everyone gathers.
o Space - a trend inspired by the winter season - an airy, Zen-like
equilibrium, opening a place for emptiness and silence for
contemplation. Influenced by the traditional Japanese culture, Space
links to our quest for well-being and simplicity. Space embodies spa
colors that soothe and invigorate, including creamy white, sepia taupe
and gentle pink.

"The world's renewed focus on the 'green' movement and environmental consciousness has brought us back to basics and we've reflected this in each of our trends," said Buisson. "The color trends also reflect how new technologies have enabled us to be more connected to and influenced by far away places and their unique cultures."

Pittsburgh Paints developed The Voice of Color paint and color design system, (www.voiceofcolor.com) on the premise that every color has an emotional association, and individuals are drawn to different colors for reasons inherently tied to their unique personalities and experiences.

PPG Color Leadership

PPG employs more than 20 color stylists from around the world specializing in different markets, collaborating to determine styles and trend colors for the home, electronics and automobiles. From consumer goods, to automotive color, from residential to commercial to industrial design, PPG offers color leadership. PPG's unique position as a color leader in multiple markets allows them to observe and translate emerging global color trends for our customers.

Company Information

Pittsburgh Paints is a manufacturer of quality paints for more than 100 years, covering the consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. Consumer brands include Manor Hall, SunProof and Pure Performance. Pittsburgh Paints are manufactured by PPG Industries, one of the world's largest paint producers, serving the architectural, automotive, aerospace, industrial and packaging industries. In addition, PPG manufactures glass, fiber glass and chemicals. Sales in 2004 were US $9.5 billion.

Source: Pittsburgh Paints

Kelly Rose Duttine,
kelly.rose.duttine@marsteller.com, for Pittsburgh Paint

Web site: http://www.voiceofcolor.com/

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