Pittman® Brush-Commutated DC Gearmotors Provide Increased Output Torque

PITTMAN® brush-commutated DC gearmotors provide users with the widest range of power capabilities by achieving output torque up to 175 oz-in with standard sintered steel spur gearing and output torque up to 500 oz-in by incorporating select gear ratios and high-strength gears.

Offered in three series and varying lengths, PITTMAN brush DC gearmotors have been engineered to deliver increased output torque, smooth and quiet operation, and long service life. They are ideally suited for applications in a wide range of industries, including data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor, automation, and many others.

Series GM8000 gearmotors are available with a range of 11 standard reduction ratios from 6.3:1 to 1803.6:1; Series GM9000 gearmotors offer 12 ratios from 5.9:1 to 4732.5:1; and Series GM14000 gearmotors feature four ratios from 5.9:1 to 218.4:1.

Armatures are skewed to minimize magnetic cogging, even at low speeds, and windings are resin-impregnated for greater reliability in incremental motion applications. Two-pole permanent magnet stators are constructed with ceramic magnets enclosed in heavy-gauge steel return rings. Diamond-turned commutators ensure maximum brush life.

Optional customization components include cartridge brush assemblies, encoders, modified shafts, shaft-mounted pulleys, ball bearings, electromechanical brakes, and RFI suppression.

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