Pitney Bowes Launches Latest and Updated Version of Digital Franking Machines

NEW DELHI - Ensuring Efficient and Effective Digital Migration in Franking Technology

Pitney Bowes launched its first digital franking machine in India in 2010. Since then, there have been many transformations in technology that made the digital franking machines more user-friendly. Pitney Bowes digital franking machines have helped the users to migrate from electronic to digital platform.

Pitney Bowes India has recently launched the latest and updated version of DM Series digital franking machines, duly approved by India Post. The new digital franking machine is feature-packed and future-proof.

The DM Series comes in 3 models - DM 100i, DM 130i and DM 140i. These machines can frank up to Rs. 9999.99 in postage value and has added security such as 6-digit alphanumeric password for machine locking and funds downloading. The innovative DM Series allows users to frank up to 55 letters per minute and tracks postage spend in up to 50 departmental accounts. The DM Series also comes with an optional weighing platform that can weigh items up to 35 kg. This feature ensures that the new range is perfect for businesses such as e-shopping/Internet traders which require sending heavy mail packages via India Post.

The new version of DM Series complies with Digital Postal Mark (DPM) Version 2, which is the latest standard for digital franking machines issued by Department of Post, India.

"The upgraded version of digital franking machines with capacity to frank up to Rs. 9,999 would help customers who send out foreign mail or parcels through Post. With this enhancement in the feature, we hope to expand the user base of franking machines with more customers switching to franking in the Indian market," said K.M. Nanaiah, Managing Director of Pitney Bowes India.

The company informed that according to an India Post notification, only the new version of digital franking machines will be given postal license for usage.

More specific product details for the DM Series are available on pitneybowes.co.in


New version of DM Series is now available in Indian market.

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