Piston Pumps suit medical, environmental applications.

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Rated for max flow of 2.37 cfm, Series 660/680 WOB-L® pumps incorporate wetted aluminum parts treated for corrosion protection and single-phase AC motors of permanent split capacitor design. Oil-less pistons and cylinders, in addition to intake filters, ensure non-contaminated air flow, while SS valves, piston seals, hard-coated aluminum cylinders, and permanently lubricated bearings help extend product life. Pumps provide up to 28.5 in. Hg vacuum or 45 psi pressure.

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Series 660/680 Pumps from Thomas Solve Medical Device, Environmental Challenges

Series 660/680 WOB-L® Piston pumps from Thomas incorporate a package of features to provide clean air-flow, long life, excellent efficiency, low noise and low vibration. These pumps are well-suited to a variety of medical and environmental applications, including oxygen concentrators, blood analyzers, dental carts and ozone generators.

The pumps' oil-less pistons and cylinders, plus efficient intake filters, ensure a non-contaminated air flow. Stainless steel valves, high-performance piston seals, hard-coated aluminum cylinders and permanently lubricated bearings offer long-life performance. Wetted aluminum parts are treated for corrosion protection. The pumps' single-phase AC motors are of ultrareliable permanent split capacitor design, which eliminates the need for a starting switch.

Series 660/680 pumps provide up to 28.5 in. Hg (-965 mbar) of vacuum, or 45 psi (3.1 bar) of pressure. Maximum flow is rated at 2.37 CFM (67.1 LPM).

Thomas Products Division, a Gardner Denver Company based in Sheboygan, WI, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision engineered compressors and vacuum pumps. Thomas products are found in medical and pharmaceutical equipment, automobiles, business machines, printing presses, packaging machines, environmental systems and vending products, among others. Gardner Denver, Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of reciprocating, rotary and vane compressors, liquid ring pumps and blowers for various industrial and transportation applications, pumps used in the petroleum and industrial markets, and other fluid transfer equipment serving chemical, petroleum and food industries. Gardner Denver (NYSE: GDI) is headquartered in Quincy, IL. Fore more information, visit the company's Web site, gardnerdenver.com.

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