Piston Air Operators can be controlled 3 ways.

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Hippo Piston Air Operators, available in NO and NC configurations, provide remote automatic on/off operation of valves with max operating pressure of 60,000 psi. Controlled via air regulator, electric solenoid, or manual low-pressure valve, both configurations have 1/8 in. NPT air inlet. Spring to open/air to close service requires air pressure from 30-100 psi, while air to open/spring to close service requires air pressure from 35-120 psi.

Original Press Release:

High Pressure Equipment Expands Line of Piston Air Operators

Erie, PA - March 1, 2004 - High Pressure Equipment Company has expanded its line of Hippo Piston Air Operators, which are available in normally open and normally closed configurations, to include a medium and heavy duty valve series. HiP piston air operators provide remote automatic on/off operation of valves with a maximum operating pressure of 60,000 psi and can be controlled by means of an air regulator, an electric solenoid, or a manual low pressure valve in the user's air supply line.

The normally open (spring to open/air to close) service requires air pressure from 30 psi to 100 psi, the normally closed (air to open/spring to close) service requires air pressure from 35 psi to 120 psi, while the air inlet for each is 1/8" NPT. There is an optional extended stuffing box to accommodate temperatures from -423°F to 1,200°F (medium and high pressure connections only).

High Pressure Equipment Company maintains an inventory of Hippo Piston Air operators for use with many standard valve styles.

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