Pipette Heating System suits immunoassay applications.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring .003 in. thick, Pipette Heating System warms up from room temperature to body temperature in under 1 second. It utilizes Thermofoil(TM) etched foil heating technology combined with polyamide insulation and wraps around .060 in. pipette. With pipette completely wrapped by heater, temperature of blood or biological chemistry can be kept at uniform and accurate heat level.

Original Press Release:

Minco Releases New Pipette Heating System for Immunoassay Applications

Thinnest Etched-foil Heater on the Market Eliminates Need for Supporting Heat Sources

New York, NY - MD&M East, June 13, 2005 - Minco, (www.minco.com/pipette) a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical medical diagnostic applications today announced the release of the thinnest immunoassay pipette heating system available.

"Prior to the development of the Minco Pipette heating system, medical diagnostic professionals experienced difficulty in maneuvering immunoassay applications," said Brian Williams, Minco Marketing Manager. "In order to facilitate accurate immunoassay readings, Minco engineers developed a pipette heater designed to function without additional bulk such as tubular heaters, fans and other supporting framework."

At a mere .003" (.076 mm) thick, the Minco Pipette heating system is the thinnest, lightest and most flexible pipette heater on the market today. The heater also features an extremely fast warm-up time from room temperature to body temperature in under a second.

The new Minco pipette heater boasts the use of Thermofoil(TM), a Minco-developed etched-foil heating technology, which when combined with polyimide insulation, wraps completely around a .060" (1.52 mm) pipette.

When a Pipette is completely wrapped by the new Minco Pipette heater, the temperature of the blood or biological chemistry can be kept at a uniform and accurate heat level. This means that the time necessary to adjust temperature is reduced and money is ultimately saved.

"The new Minco pipette heater is a tangible demonstration of Minco's dedication to providing the medical diagnostic community with complete thermal, sensing and packaging solutions designed to shorten medical diagnostic supply chains and increase time-to-market," said Williams.

For more information regarding Minco's pipette heaters, please contact Brian Williams, Minco Marketing Manager, at 763-586-2903, or visit http://www.minco.com/pipette.

Minco designs, manufactures and markets critical components for critical applications. The company is unsurpassed in its ability to integrate and assemble Thermofoil(TM) Heaters, Flex Circuits, Sensors and Instruments into a single component for greater efficiency. Minco helps companies minimize the risk of product failure by providing highly reliable components and expert design services.

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