Pipette Guide helps maximize consistency of results.

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With WeLLevator™ Pipette Guide, users can perform consistent and fatigue-free extraction of liquids from 96 well plates when using multichannel pipette. Guide consists of adjustment table which holds well plates in place with spring steel clip. Adjustment knob is used to raise and lower plate to optimal height for pipetting. With guide, PowerMag® line of DNA and RNA isolation kits can be used without aid of automated processing system.  

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MO BIO Laboratories, Inc. Launches the WeLLevator(TM) Pipette Guide

CARLSBAD, Calif. – MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., the leader in high-throughput soil, environmental, fecal, and microbial nucleic acid purification, announces the launch of the WeLLevator(TM) Pipette Guide, for consistent and fatigue-free extraction of liquids from 96 well plates when using a multichannel pipette.

The patent-pending WeLLevator(TM) Pipette Guide is the latest in innovative tools developed by MO BIO and enables scientists to

--  Increase the consistency of your results - Manually extract the maximum volume of supernatant from 96 well plates without concern about disturbing a pellet, and ensure uniform handling of samples in every well

--  Pipette with no fatigue - Rest your multichannel pipette on top of the WeLLevator(TM) Pipette Guide for effortless pipetting

 --  Increase your throughput without an automated processing system - Convert MO BIO's PowerMag® magnetic bead kits to manual kits with just a WeLLevator(TM) and a Magnetic Separator

The WeLLevator(TM) Pipette Guide enables MO BIO's PowerMag® line of DNA and RNA isolation kits to be used without the aid of an automated processing system. PowerMag® Kits are available for isolation of nucleic acids from soil, microbial and food cultures, water and air filters, seeds, blood, and fecal samples, as well as for secondary clean-up of inhibited DNA samples.

The WeLLevator(TM) Pipette Guide is available now. For more information, visit the MO BIO website (www.mobio.com/high-throughput-purification/wellevator-pipette-guide.html)  or call 800-606-6246.

MO BIO Laboratories, Inc. (www.mobio.com)  has developed innovative tools for researchers in molecular biology since 1993. A global leader in solutions for soil, water and microbial nucleic acid purification, MO BIO's Power kits contain patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® for removal of PCR inhibiting substances during the nucleic acid purification procedure. At MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., our focus is quality products that work, save time and function for all sample types, not just the easy ones. It is MO BIO's aim to make researchers' working lives more productive and efficient, creating time to focus on what is critical, not just in work, but in life.

CONTACT: Heather Martinez, Senior Product Marketing Manager, MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., 760-929-9911

Web Site: http://www.mobio.com

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