Pinion Software Announces New ShareSafe(TM) Desktop - Engineering Edition for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Purchasing Professionals

New file security products provide cost-effective, scalable solutions for protecting CAD and engineering data

Austin, Texas - May 3, 2007 - Pinion Software, the leading provider of Technical Rights Management (TRM) solutions, announced today the launch of the new ShareSafe Desktop - Engineering Edition for engineers, manufacturers and purchasing professionals. ShareSafe Desktop-Engineering Edition is a PC application designed to protect a broad a broad variety of native CAD and CAD viewing formats, engineering data, and popular business files while in-use in an application and throughout the entire data lifecycle. Pinion Software also offers other ShareSafe file security products to meet the needs of enterprise businesses, teams or departments, as well as individual users.

The ShareSafe product line introduces a number of major enhancements, including a new recipient authentication module and access control features, serialized watermarking for PDF files, and a new user interface. ShareSafe Desktop-Engineering Edition features provide comprehensive file security, including data destruction when permissions expire, for dozens of mechanical CAD, other technical, as well as business applications. Users are able to create and share files in their native application format while retaining continuous control over how the information is used by recipients, both inside and outside the corporate firewall.

"IP protection is a growing priority among manufacturing and engineering businesses," states Darryl Worsham, president and CEO of Pinion Software. "What companies have found is that the cost, time, and complexity of implementing many solutions is equal to, or exceeds, the problem they are trying to solve. Our ShareSafe products are designed to quickly security-enable a company's existing systems and workflow, without adding IT infrastructure, to minimize the total cost of ownership."

New pCard Feature Enables Recipient Authentication and Access Control

Identity management is a key component to all rights-management solutions. ShareSafe products introduce a simple, yet robust method for authenticating the identity of recipients of protected files without the need for a server-based infrastructure. The new pCard feature permits content owners and recipients to exchange unique, non-transferable identifiers, or security tokens, to form a trust relationship ensuring that only legitimate recipients are able to access protected content. The identifiers allow users to easily manage the level or strength of authentication required to access the content being distributed.

Packaged Integration Adaptors To Leverage Company Directories for User Identity

Pinion Software now offers Directory Adaptors to support the integration of the ShareSafe Desktop-Engineering Edition file security product with existing company directories and systems that manage user identities, e.g. Active Directory, Lotus/Domino, LDAP, etc. ShareSafe Directory Adaptors leverage user identity and group definitions in the corporate directory system and correlate authentication credentials with unique Pinion identifiers that are associated with individual recipients of secure content. Protected files are then addressable to specific users or groups defined in the directory and forwarding to unauthorized recipients may be blocked.

ShareSafe Scales Up For PLM and Data Management Systems

Using the ShareSafe SDK, a programmable toolkit, companies can embed a file security-packaging engine into PLM or other data management systems. The packaging engine protects information provisioned out of the system by applying in-use restrictions that travel with the files no matter where they are sent. Security may be automatically applied to files based on business rules and policies defined in the system, for example based on user roles or file type. Using extensible programming interface tools, ShareSafe can be customized to "plug-in" to a variety of data-management systems.

ShareSafe Products

Pinion Software offers a variety of ShareSafe products to meet the file security needs of enterprise businesses, teams or departments, as well as individual users. ShareSafe Desktop-Engineering Edition is a PC application for protecting a broad a broad variety of native CAD, CAD viewing, and business application files. It includes new recipient authentication module and serialized watermarking for PDF files. ShareSafe Desktop-Enterprise Edition provides packaged directory adaptors for integrating ShareSafe Desktop-Engineering Edition with enterprise identity management and authentication systems such as Active Directory, LDAP, Lotus/Domino, and others. ShareSafe SDK is a programmable toolkit comprised of extensible API components used to security-enable PLM and other file-provisioning systems and enterprise-level applications.

About Pinion Software Inc.
Pinion Software is the leading provider of Technical Rights Management solutions that deliver unparalleled file-security and in-use protection of engineering and business data. Users of CAD, other technical, training, and business applications can create and share files in their native application format while retaining continuous control over how the information is used by recipients. Pinion Software offers solutions to quickly security-enable existing applications, systems, and business processes without requiring a sizeable investment in additional IT infrastructure. For more information, visit our website at

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