PIN Photodiodes feature active areas up to 26 mm².

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Suited for direct detection of high-energy charged particles and X-rays, S9723/S9724 silicon (Si) PIN photodiodes have 26 x 26 mm and 10 x 10 mm active areas with 2 and 1 mm uniformity, respectively. Both utilize MEMS technology and accurately conduct DE-E detection of charged particles. Hole-mounted on PCBs, 100 (±5) mm thick S9723 and 10 (±2.5) mm thick S9724 have respective typ dark currents of 2 and 0.01 nA and rise times of 80 and 100 ns.

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Large-Area PIN Photodiodes Introduced by Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu Introduces Large-area PIN Photodiodes for Direct Detection of High-energy Charged Particles and X-rays

o MEMS Technology Incorporated into S9723/S9724 to Reduce Size While Maintaining High Performance in Heavy Ion Energy Detection Applications o

Bridgewater, NJ (For Immediate Release 2005) - Hamamatsu Corporation introduces the S9723/S9724 silicon (Si) PIN photodiodes that utilize MEMS technology to maintain a small size yet deliver high performance. Featuring large active areas and low dark currents, the S9723/S9724 are specifically designed for direct detection of high-energy charged particles and X-rays.

The S9723 has a thickness of 100 (+/-5) mm with a 26x26 mm active area while the S9724 is 10 (+/-2.5) mm thick with a 10x10 mm active area. The uniformity of the active areas' thickness is typically 2 mm for the S9723 and 1 mm for the S9724, ensuring that the PIN photodiodes have excellent uniformity over the entire active area. Hole mounted on PC boards, the S9723/S9724 can accurately conduct DE-E detection of the charged particles.

In addition to their size, the S9723/S9724 are well suited for heavy ion energy detection because of their performance. The S9723 has typical dark current of 2 nA and rise time is typically 80 ns. Terminal capacitance of the S9723 is typically 0.75 nF. Typical dark current is 0.01 nA for the S9724, and it has a typical rise time of 100 ns. Terminal capacitance is typically 1 nF for the S9724.

Such high performance is delivered by small PIN photodiodes. The S9723 measures 46 W x 46 D x 1.6 H (mm) while the S9724 is 30 W x 30 D x 1.6 H (mm).

Small quantity pricing is $2,304.00 for the S9723 and $576.00 for the S9724. Delivery is 5 to 6 weeks ARO.

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