Piezoelectric Sounders feature low-profile surface mount design.

Press Release Summary:

Consumer PKLCS1212E2400-R1 and automotive/industrial PKLCS1212E24A0-R1 feature 2.4 kHz frequency operation and come in low-profile surface mount packages. Both SMD piezoelectric sounders offer 3 mm profile and are aimed at white goods, portable, industrial, and automotive applications. Parts can be mounted using pick and place equipment and are able to survive reflow soldering with no impact to performance. Operational frequency is 2.0-2.4 kHz.

Original Press Release:

Murata Launches Ultra Low-profile Surface Mount 2.4 kHz Piezo Sounders

Hoofddorp, Netherlands. -- Murata today announced the expansion of its PKLCS family with two new 2.4 kHz SMD piezoelectric sounders aimed at white goods, portable, industrial, and automotive applications. Both the consumer part PKLCS1212E2400-R1 and the automotive/industrial part PKLCS1212E24A0-R1 are available in low profile surface mount packages. They have a 5dB increase in sound pressure level compared to previous Murata devices, and are fully reflow solder compatible. They are ideally suited for applications that need to minimize the use of leaded components or have all components be low profile.

The new PKLCS sounders' thin 3 mm profile make them suitable for use in miniaturized portable electronics. Further, the SMD package enables more efficient manufacturing since the parts can be mounted using pick and place equipment. Other benefits include the ability to survive reflow soldering with no impact to performance and a low frequency operation (2.4kHz) with improved loudness verse existing 2kHz product. The small increase in operational frequency 2.0kHz to 2.4kHz permits significant gains in loudness.

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