Photometer tests Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium levels in water.

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Designed for field testing of potable water, eXact® LEADQuick(TM) Photometer detects 3-500 µ/L on site Lead levels in either water, soil, or paint with resolution of 1 µg/L and accuracy of ±3 µg/L. Mercury is detected at 10-600 µ/L with resolution of 1 µg/L and accuracy of ±6 µg/L, while Cadmium is detected at .01-.80 mg/L with .06 mg/L resolution. Suited for consumers and professionals, handheld photometer is waterproof and includes built-in sampling cell.

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Revolutionary New Meter Field Tests Lead, Mercury and Cadmium Levels in Water

The new eXact LEADQuick Photometer

Rock Hill, South Carolina - The new eXact® LEADQuick(TM) photometer is the ideal meter for field testing Lead, Mercury and Cadmium amounts in potable water. This new modified method accurately detects 3 to 500 µ/L (ppb) on site lead (as Pb+2) levels in either water (as low as 3 µg/L), soil (as low as 50 mg/kg) or paint (as low as 0.05 mg/cm2) with resolution of 1 µg/L and accuracy of +/-3 µg/L. The procedure is simple and readily detects EPA's MCL (Maximum Containment Level) of 15 µg/L water levels with a 3 minutes test time! Mercury is detected at 10 to 600 µ/L (ppb) with resolution of 1 µg/L and accuracy of +/-6 µg/L while Cadmium is detected at .01-.80 mg/L with .06 mg/L resolution. The meter also measures lead levels in soil and paint. It meets US EPA standards for accuracy and specificity of target contaminants such as lead, mercury and cadmium. This product has completed the ETV program for Lead determination in Paint; and results will be released publically this summer. eXact® LEADQuick(TM) can be used for screening purposes with the new EPA Lead regulation applying to remodeling work and lead paint testing.

This photometer is ideal for consumers and professionals alike using a patented testing procedure. The waterproof meter (IP-67) fits comfortably in your hand has a built in sampling cell and comes with a 2 (two) year warranty. The eXact LEADQuick provides fast, accurate results without the guesswork of color matching.

Visit us next month at the AWWA ACE10 water show in Chicago, booth # 1959 and see it displayed at the New Product Technology Showcase. For additional information, contact Industrial Test Systems, Inc. at 1-800-861-9712, 1-803-329-9712, or on the web at

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