Photoionization Detector is classified intrinsically safe.

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Model 2020PROPlus(TM) features dynamic range of 10,000 ppm with 0.1 ppm precision to 100 ppm and 1 ppm precision to 10,000 ppm. Activated charcoal tube provides clean air calibration, while humidity reduction tubes allow accurate sampling in high humidity environments. Unit includes instant-on operation, lamp quality assessment provided at calibration, compound library, user-defined interval sampling time from 1-900 sec, and alarm sound level of 85 dB at ½ m.

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Photovac Introduces The 2020PROPlus Photoionization Detector

New Features and Operating Specifications Provide Significant Value and Utility

Waltham, Mass. - Photovac, Inc., the premier provider of portable hand-held instruments for detection and measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air, announces the introduction of the 2020PROPlus(TM), the first of a new family of enhanced photoionization detection instruments. The instrument boasts an extended dynamic range, several new operating features, and an enhanced user interface.

The dynamic range for the 2020PROPlus has been extended to 10,000ppm with 0.1ppm precision to 100ppm, and 1ppm precision up to 10,000ppm.

New operating features developed in cooperation with Dräger Safety AG & Co. include the optional use of activated charcoal tubes to provide more accurate "clean air" calibration, and humidity reduction tubes which allow more accurate sampling in high humidity environments. Also, sample collection tubes are available that allow samples to be taken on site for later review in a laboratory. Use of the Dräger tubes is facilitated by Photovac's new (patent pending) tube holder designed specifically for the 2020PROPlus.

New user interface features for the 2020PROPlus include instant-on operation, lamp quality assessment provided at calibration, display readings in ppm, ppb, or mg/m³, an enhanced compound library, a user-defined interval sampling time ranging from 1 to 900 seconds, and an increased alarm sound level of 85 decibels at half a meter. Additionally, the instrument features an enhanced graphic eight-line LCD display so that data can be more easily read and analyzed.

The 2020PROPlus is outfitted with a dedicated calibration key for immediate access to the calibration procedure. The keypad features large buttons for quick menu access, even when wearing triple-layer gloves. Additionally, an expanded internal data logging feature allows the operator to record up to 200 hours at one minute intervals.

The 2020PROPlus PID is ideal for a wide range of TVOC survey applications, including OSHA compliance, confined space pre-entry, emergency response, site characterization, fugitive emissions, and law enforcement.

The instrument is classified intrinsically safe for use in potentially explosive environments in North America and Europe (ATEX).

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Photovac, Inc. is the premier provider of hand-held and portable instruments for superior detection and measurement of volatile organic compounds. Every Photovac instrument is designed to be portable and rugged and to perform flawlessly under the toughest field conditions. With over 25 years of experience, an extensive application library and the industry benchmark in portable instruments, Photovac is an ideal detection and measurement solution.

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Dräger Safety AG & Co., of Luebeck, Germany is the world leader in the development of selective gas detection tubes.

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