PFA Resin resists cracking in presence of fluoropolymers.

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PFA-FLEX series ultra-high purity (UHP) PFA resin suits semiconductor processing applications that require environmental stress crack resistance. It provides chemical and temperature resistance as well as low levels of extractable ions. Flexible PFA-FLEX material is available in two grades: PFA-FLEX X 8502 UHP, with nominal 2 melt-flow index for tubing applications, and PFA-FLEX X 8515 UHP, with nominal 15 melt-flow index for injection molding applications.

Original Press Release:

New Dyneon(TM) UHP Resin for Improved Stress Crack Resistance in the Presence of Harsh Chemicals

SAN FRANCISCO (July 22, 2002) - Dyneon, a 3M company, introduces the newest line of ultra-high purity (UHP) materials to their large product portfolio. Dyneon(TM) PFA-FLEX is a series of PFA resins designed specifically for semiconductor processing applications requiring superior environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR).

PFA is the established material of choice for many semiconductor-processing applications that require extreme chemical and temperature resistance. In addition to these known strength benefits, UHP PFA material from Dyneon provides extremely low levels of extractable ions.

However, a recent trend towards using fluorosurfactants as wetting agents in fluids such as developers has caused concern, since PFA can be stress-cracked by the fluorosurfactants.

New Dyneon PFA-FLEX offers improved ESCR in the presence of these chemicals. OEM's employing fluorosurfactant-containing fluids and using parts made with new Dyneon PFA-FLEX will experience increased service life.

In addition, when compared to standard UHP PFA products, Dyneon PFA-FLEX materials offer equivalent low levels of extractables and result in smoother surfaces, better clarity and more flexibility, allowing tubing to be bent in smaller radii.

New PFA-FLEX materials from Dyneon are available in two grades, PFA-FLEX X 8502 UHP with a nominal 2 melt-flow index for tubing applications and PFA-FLEX X 8515 UHP with a nominal 15 melt-flow index for injection molding applications.

Dyneon LLC, a 3M company, is one of the world's largest fluoropolymer producers with operations or representation in more than 50 countries. Headquartered in Oakdale, Minn., the company employs more than 900 people worldwide.

For more information about Dyneon Fluoropolymers, please contact Doug Chirhart at +1 (651) 736-9241. Or, visit the company Web site at

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