Personnel Airlocks are equipped with fan/filter unit.

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Personnel Airlocks are available with or without pressure in 52 in. width and 90 in. height and three standard depths. Units can be equipped with door open alerts, automatic FFU control and secure entry using iris scans. Pressurized airlock features digital controller for FFU speed control and air adjustments whereas non-pressurized airlock contain neutral air.

Original Press Release:

Cleanroom Personnel Airlocks

Overcome the challenge of entering and exiting a pressurized cleanroom by using Terra's New Personnel Airlock. Openings into controlled rooms present opportunities for air turbulence and contaminating particle influx. Much like smaller airlocks found on gloveboxes, the Personnel Airlock is a clean "transition zone" for workers moving between rooms of disparate pressure.

Airlocks are available with or without pressure. Non-pressurized chambers contain neutral air to normalize motion before entering the cleanroom. Only one door may be opened at a time, preventing a strong rush of air into the clean space. The pressurized Personnel Airlock is similarly controlled, but also contains a fan/filter unit (FFU) that creates positive pressure to stabilize the cleanroom's ISO rating, as well as direct particle-laden air out through wall vents. In the pressurized airlock, a digital controller is available for FFU speed and air balancing adjustments.

Additional "Smart" options may be added to enhance the airlock, such as "door open" alerts, automatic FFU control and secure entry using iris scans. Airlocks are 52" wide, 90" high, and come in three standard depths to integrate with modular cleanrooms. Custom sizes are available.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience manufacturing modular cleanrooms with compatible equipment. Visit Terra Universal's website for more information about their Cleanroom Personnel Airlocks.


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