Peristaltic Pump compresses hose over elliptical 360° path.

Press Release Summary:

Model LPP-D metering pump features low-friction roller design that compresses hose only once per revolution. Built with hose leak and revolution detectors, pump is offered in ½, ¾, and 1 in. sizes with respective flow rates of up to 2.6, 4.4, and 8.8 gpm. Product exhibits low glycerin-lubricant consumption and runs at pressures to 110 psi at max speed of 100 rpm. Applications include transfer of mediums such as lime slurry, alum, and food flavorings.

Original Press Release:

Larox LPP-D Peristaltic Pump PR Insertion

ISO 9001 Manufacturer of High Performance Slurry Valves and Innovative Rolling Peristaltic Pumps

Larox Flowsys has introduced the new Patent-Pending LPP-D metering pump offered in ½, ¾" and 1" sizes for the Industrial market. The flow rate of ½" = 2.6 gpm, ¾" 4.4 gpm and 1" = 8.8gpm.

The Larox LPP and LPP-D incorporate a completely different rolling design than any other peristaltic pump on the market. The pump has the highest flow per compression of any peristaltic pump, enabling smaller pump selection. The low-friction Roller design compresses hose only once per revolution, which provides for 2x-5x the hose life vs. conventional hosepumps. In addition, it maintains the lowest glycerin consumption of any peristaltic pump (96% less). One of its key attributes is its ultra-low energy consumption vs. any peristaltic pump available. It maintains higher flow rates from a smaller pump size than our competition and can pump at the higher end of its speed range without fear of damaging the hose.

Because there is only one wear item, the LPP provides for virtually maintenance-free pumping - 24/7. The LPP pump range comes with a wide variety of hose elastomers to choose from. An excellent pump for virtually all chemical metering applications in such industries as General CPI, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Ceramics; Paints and Coatings, Agricultural; Food and Beverage, Water/Wastewater treatment and small-to mid-size OEM applications. Applications are varied and include, metering as well as transfer with mediums such as: lime slurry; alum; rosin size; under flow thickeners; aqueous ammonia, TI02 and Calcium carbonate and food flavorings

Larox's latest product announcement is its unique Patent-Pending LPP-D metering pump. The unique 360 degree elliptical swept hose path results in 100% more flow per compression, which translate into up to 5 times the hose life vs. other traditional peristaltic hosepumps. This significance cannot be overstated. Customers claim the LPP-D pump has substantially reduced downtime in their manufacturing process lines, increased flow accuracy, reduced maintenance labor costs, and reduced spare parts costs. Certain customers are claiming far reduced costs due to high air consumption of AOD pumps and the resulting costs of generating this air. In addition, the rolling hose compression of the LPP-D offers a more reliable uninterrupted flow of the medium to the process compared to diaphragm pumps. It is a real problem solver and has typically replaced the more traditional positive displacement pumps like AODs, mechanical diaphragms gear, lobe and PC pumps, when they are just not up to the task -whether from a maintenance, or process standpoint.

The LPP-D has many specifiable features vs. other conventional hosepumps, including the hose taking up the full 360 degrees of the pump housing; a far simpler hose-fitting connector system and a much cleaner inline piping arrangement. The metering pump has considerably smaller footprint than other most other hosepumps, as it can utilize a helical bevel right-angle integral gearmotor with local, aftermarket availability, vs. a proprietary drive design.

What makes it unique from similar products currently on the market?

The Larox LPP-D is the first of its kind/unique Patent-Pending design that sets the standard for hosepump metering hoselife. Couple that with the lowest glycerin-lubricant consumption (96% less of any peristaltic pump); capable of running at such a high pressure rating (110 PSI), at maximum speed continuously (100 RPM), without limiting hose life performance and you the first real change in peristaltic design in OVER 30 YEARS. The unique construction vs. conventional hosepumps, utilizes a larger single roller that gently compresses the hose over an elliptical 360 degree path, resulting in 100% more flow per compression, which translate into up to 5 times the hose life vs. other traditional peristaltic hose pumps.The pump is built with an available hose leak detector and unique revolution detector. The available hose materials are EPDM, Natural Rubber and Nitrile or Buna. EPDM is the standard reference hose due to its wide chemical capabilities. There are 3 sizes: ½, ¾" and 1", with respective flow rates of up to: 2.6 gpm; 4.4 gpm and 8.8gpm. The min. flow rate is: approximately .09GPM. The LPP-D peristaltic is the first of its kind, BEST of BREED metering hosepump that will have broad implications for reducing day-to-day maintenance and operating costs due to its unique design characteristics.

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