Penguin Computing Launches Hardware Command and Control Software for Managing and Monitoring Large Pools of Server Assets

Scyld ControlCenter(TM) reduces cluster administration time and costs

SUPERCOMPUTING 2006, TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 14 -- Penguin Computing today announced Scyld ControlCenter(TM), systems management software tailored specifically for, and bundled with, Penguin Computing servers to enable fast, easy management and monitoring of cluster hardware from a single, web accessible dashboard. System administrators and key authorized users will have comprehensive but easy-to-use hardware command and control, so organizations can now effectively manage and monitor large pools of server assets with minimal system administration time and cost without compromising security of the overall system.

"Penguin Computing is all about making cluster deployment and management easier so introducing a single console that quickly provides hard working system administrators with a comprehensive view of their cluster hardware, was a logical step," said Pauline Nist, senior vice president, product development and management, Penguin Computing. "Time really is money and the less time customers have to spend on cluster hardware administration, the better the overall value of the cluster. That was why we created a web accessible console that lets customers discover, manage and monitor their hardware, dramatically simplifying cluster hardware administration and saving our customers time and money."

Scyld ControlCenter is a comprehensive software tool that allows visibility into hardware assets and enables users to monitor vital statistics such as server type, CPUs, BIOS, memory, network addresses, voltages, and temperature. This allows system administrators to stay informed of events (i.e. blades being inserted or removed), ensure safety margins (i.e., receive warnings when safe operational thresholds are exceeded) and maintain control over the servers (i.e., such as changing their boot method, controlling LEDs and powering on/off/cycling). This remote management console is accessible anywhere on the network that the management server can be accessed so that users can do what they need to do anytime they have access to a browser connection to the management server.

In addition, administrators can avoid administration bottlenecks by setting permissions to give some amount of control over to key users without compromising the security of the overall system. The software also enables them to represent their servers in both actual physical tree view as well as arbitrary logical groupings that make sense for the customer, enabling group functions to be executed or general management to be focused by the logical group (i.e. power down all the web servers at midnight). Key tasks can be scheduled for full flexibility and email notification and a full searchable log of any events that occurred in the system or on a particular hardware asset ensures peace of mind for the IT administrator.

Scyld ControlCenter(TM) is available now, integrated at no cost with Penguin Computing's BladeRunner(TM) Linux blade server, and will be available with all Penguin Computing rackmount servers in the first quarter of 2007.

About Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing is the leader in Cluster Virtualization, delivering virtualized cluster systems driven by Scyld ClusterWare(TM) its unique Linux software, which makes large pools of Linux servers appear and act like a single virtual system. Through a single point of command/control, thousands of systems can be managed as if they were a single, consistent, virtual system, dramatically simplifying deployment and management and significantly improving server performance and data center resource utilization. Focused on the high performance computing, enterprise consolidation and web hosting markets, the company has an extensive customer base including Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and educational institutions. Founded in 1998, Penguin Computing is headquartered in San Francisco, California. To learn more about High Performance Computing Linux and Web Clustering, please visit Penguin Computing at

Scyld Control Center Features and Benefits

     Features                           Benefits

Web-based client access Access anywhere on the network one
single management console for all
managed elements in a comprehensive

Both physical and user-defined Intuitive, instant visualization of the
logical representation of resources according to how you use them
managed servers/chassis as well as how they are physically laid
Operate on groups of servers with a
single action request

Intuitive, powerful task Execute and fully track, one-time and
operation on managed scheduled operations to automate
elements remotely otherwise time-consuming
manual tasks interactively

Wide variety of event capture Key personnel will instantly know when
with event notification anything of importance occurs in the
mechanisms system

Individual user accounts with Administrators can control who does
device-by-device access controls what, when, to which managed elements
while giving flexibility and self-
sufficiency to key users in the

Privilege-levels for Save bottlenecks, increase use
administrators and users satisfaction, maintain control and

Standards-based implementation Easily fits into the existing
with support for XML, CIM, management ecosystem with a high degree
HTML, SNMP, IPMI of user familiarity

Rich asset repository Instant visibility into the entire
collected from all relevant system's state and critical event
information about your filtering
critical resources

Powerful control features Efficient centralized configuration and
such as remote power control, management conveniently available
boot methodology, blink LEDS, remotely
change active/standby roles

Commercial support Expert assistance when you need it

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