Pelican(TM) Products and Westover Scientific Team up to Keep Information Flowing

TORRANCE, CA - October 18, 2006- Pelican(TM) Products' high-impact, watertight Protector(TM) Cases have been chosen to house Westover Scientific's portable CleanBlast(TM) system.

Secured inside Pelican Products' 1450 Protector Case, the system provides rapid, controlled fiber optic connector end-face, cleaning and contamination removal.

"Westover Scientific is one the true innovators in their field and we are pleased that our tough and reliable 1450 Protector Case provides the perfect container solution for the CleanBlast system," said Mark Rolfes, Pelican's Vice President of Sales.

"Protecting our customer's investment is a top-priority from a customer service and warranty standpoint," said Tyler Vander Ploeg, Product Manager of Westover Scientific. "Westover Scientific strives to provide the best value for our customers, and since Pelican Protector Cases are known as some of the toughest equipment cases around, it was only natural that we'd use such a tried and true brand to protect our portable CleanBlast system."

The CleanBlast system is a self-contained unit that features a built-in air compressor and precision cleaning tools (great for field situations where no regulated compressed air is available). The patent-pending design uses a connector interface which generates a pulse of highly-filtered gas across the fiber's surface. A cleaning mist is then created by introducing an atomized (non-flammable, non-conductive and residue-free) solvent. The CleanBlast system dramatically reduces user's labor costs by allowing a single technician to clean more than 500 data ports a day.

Pelican Protector Cases boast a fully-stackable, trademarked "Dual Band" design and an open cell-core wall construction that protects sensitive equipment from some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Additional standard features include a lid equipped with a polymer o-ring for a dust-proof/waterproof seal and an automatic Gore-TEX® pressure equalization valve that will stop moisture from entering the case and prevent vacuum lock so it's easier to open the case at any altitude. To ensure easy and immediate access, most cases in the line feature double-throw latches that have been engineered to withstand nearly 400 pounds of pressure, yet open with a light pull.

As with all Pelican products, their Protector Cases are backed by a Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: "You break it, we replace it...forever."(TM)

About Pelican
Pelican is a leading manufacturer of OEM and equipment protection solutions. Their high-impact, watertight Protector(TM) Case line is among the toughest, lightest and most dependable on the market and backed by a legendary Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence - "You Break It, We Replace It...Forever."

For more information regarding Pelican Products, contact them at
23215 Early Ave.,
Torrance, CA 90505.
Phone: 310-326-4700 or 800-473-5422 (Outside CA)
Fax: 310-326-3311

About Westover Scientific
Westover Scientific designs develops and manufactures microscopes and precision cleaning systems for the fiber optic communications market as well as the scientific, industrial and educational fields. They are the recognized experts in fiber optic interconnect inspection and qualification. Founded in 1994, Westover Scientific has grown from a small operation into the industry leader in our segment. Today they are the primary supplier of fiber microscopes to most of the tier 1 manufacturers and carriers. Their products are the gold standard for our application and provide unsurpassed value.

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